Mexican Border Patrol Under Investigation After Shooting Pregnant 14-Year-Old American

Mexican border patrol agents are being investigated by the authorities after shooting a 14-year-old pregnant girl from Texas. The shooting took place during a high-speed car chase near the city of Reynosa on Sunday evening.

The incident occurred near a bridge that connects Reynosa with the United States. The pregnant teen and a friend were leaving a convenience store in a pickup truck when the shots were fired, according to Reuters. Border patrol agents shot out the tires of the truck after the male driver refused to stop for the authorities. After the vehicle finally stopped, the man fled the scene. Agents found the 14-year-old pregnant girl inside the vehicle with gun shot wounds to her stomach. At this time, she is said to be out of danger, as is her 4-month-old fetus.


According to the Huffington Post, the border patrol agents are under investigation by the prosecutors office. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico states that the reports show the 14-year-old pregnant girl was shot in Reynosa. However, it is not clear whether the bullet was fired from the guns of the border patrol agents or from the man who was driving the pickup truck.

Violence on the Mexican and United States border has escalated recently, with the capture and murder of three American siblings between the ages of 21 and 26, as well as the massacre of 43 students in Southwest Mexico. Protests have popped up as a result of the rise of killings.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has not yet responded to the shooting of the pregnant 14-year-old girl and her unborn child. However, he has attempted to change focus from the violent incidents to his plans for economic reform. Unfortunately, the violence seems to overshadow the reform.

The United States Embassy in Mexico cannot provide more details on the shooting at this time, as the investigation continues. No information has been released as to why the man and the 14-year-old girl were in Mexico, or what their relation was to one another, if they were related at all.

Although violence on the Mexico and United States is not a new trend, the recent escalation of violence and the young victims is, however, cause for concern. It is possible that the border agents reacted in the manner they did due to the recent violence. However, there is still a possibility that the man in the vehicle caused the gun shot wound.

As new information unfolds in the investigation, this article will be updated.

[Photo Courtesy: New York Post]

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