WWE: Vince McMahon Snaps, Demands UK ‘Smackdown’ Fans To Have ‘Fun, D*mn It!’ [Video]

Vince McMahon snapped during the European WWE tour and began to rant and rave at the Smackdown audience, demanding that they actually try and have some “fun, d*mn it!” But is this just the head of the WWE playing his usual role of the heel, or did he lose his cool for some reason?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it happens to be ironic timing for Vince to be ranting about having fun, since Alberto del Rio claims McMahon and Triple H took all the fun out of wrestling in the first place. As Dave Batista found out the hard way, you can’t even have some good ol’ fashioned bleeding in the ring, and Chris Jericho says McMahon fined Batista $100,000 for blood in the PG era. Even Hulk Hogan is not allowed to have hist last Hoorah in the WWE ring without Vince’ permission.

So when Mr. Killjoy took the stage during the Smackdown taping in Liverpool, England, he started by mocking the fans and the city, claiming all the other crowds in the U.K. portion of their tour was better.

“What’s the matter with you people? You’re sitting on your hands out here, you’re not having a good time, you’re not cheering, you’re not booing, and why? They cheered louder in Sheffield, they cheered louder in Manchester, they cheer louder all over the UK except here in Liverpool. The guy in the front row over here looking at [Chris] Jericho. Guy next to him. ‘I’m from Liverpool. I’m from Liverpool too.’ Come on, what’s the matter with you? Have some fun here tonight, Liverpool. Liverpool… what kind of name is Liverpool? Liverpool sounds like an old man’s skin disease, doesn’t it? Liverpool; kind of like ebola, it just crawls up on ya. Come on and have some fun here tonight, d*mn it.”

Whether he’s really annoyed or not, it’s never cool when the head of the company starts dissing a city or a country. Vince McMahon may even leave a bad taste in their mouth and fans may remember this when the WWE tries to bring WrestleMania to England.

Even if Vince McMahon is merely playing the heel, he does have a rather good reason to be annoyed nowadays. The company had to hide the WWE Network logo on their European tour due to all the problems with the international launch of the WWE Network. Vince had hoped the company would have reached the one million mark for WWE Network subscribers way back before WrestleMania 30, and now some financial experts question whether they can even pull off profitability by time WrestleMania 31 rolls around in March of 2015. You just know something is wrong when a WWE survey asks their fan base whether they enjoy watching TNA Wrestling.

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