Man calls 911 for iPhone Repair

If your iPhone is not working you go to the Apple store. They have a genius bar there who can help you. You do not dial 911 because that makes you really an idiot.

One idiot of such magnitude is Michael Alan Skopec from Kendall County, Illinois. He called 911 five times to report that his iPhone was not working.

In the first call, Skopec asked the dispatcher why his phone was not working. He was referred to call the phone manufacturer instead.

In his second call, Skopec showed his frustration with his phone problem and was even cursing.

He called 911 three more times, after which the police were called to arrest him. He was charged with obstructing or resisting a police officer which is considered a misdemeanor.

So, if you have an iPhone probelm, who do you call?