Pat Robertson Calls Single Mother ‘Rebellious’ For Refusing To Re-Marry

Pat Robertson is no stranger to controversy, from his conviction on contracting HIV from towels to bullying an elderly woman into working in order to continue tiding, the veteran televangelist has never been shy voice his opinions.

On Tuesday, Pat Robertson promptly warned a single mother that she was “tempting God” by refusing to get married to the father of her children. A letter was sent by a viewer named Mark explaining his struggles with his daughter remaining a single mother.

“My daughter has been living with a man for 3 years and has a baby with him. She has told her kids that they are married but she won’t marry him because she has had 2 husbands already.”

Pat Robertson unsurprisingly sided with the father, asserting that “this girl is playing mind games.” However, Robertson was quick to bash the father as well adding, “I don’t know what kind of bringing up she had, but she didn’t have a very good one.”

“A couple of marriages already? She is obviously undisciplined, rebellious, she can’t hold a stable relationship. And now she won’t enter into one even though she’s got a child by this man.”

“She’s tempting God,” Robertson continued. “I mean, man. She is walking on the edge. You think Wallenda was taking a chance? She’s really on a tightrope.”

“I’d warn her because she’s asking for it,” Robertson said. “It’s going to be really tough. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission that’s a big joke. Not when you’re dealing with the Lord.”

Robertson advised praying for the woman.

Earlier this month, Pat Robertson made controversial remarks when he referred to children with Down syndrome and cleft palate as “mongoloid” children.

Robertson said, “So you see these little children that we call mongoloid, you know, Down syndrome, sweet little children but the back part [of the head] hasn’t formed. It’s a deformity, if you have a little girl, can you imagine having a big hole in the mouth?”

The term mongoloid previously, but wrongly, used to describe the physical appearance of East, Central, and Southeast Asians due to their shared phenotypic traits. The derogative term is contemporarily used to describe persons mentally challenged.

Despite that, it is not the first time Pat Robertson has used the term with no remorse. According to Right Wing Watch, Robertson used the term earlier this year while warning a caller against marrying their first cousin.

The popular 700 Club host said, “You don’t want to have some mongoloid child.” Robertson quickly acknowledged his mistake then by stating “I shouldn’t say mongol.”

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