Amanda Bynes Makes Incest Allegations…Again

Amanda Bynes took to social media to once again make incest allegations towards her father — this time, though, she suggested that the incestuous relationship took place between her father and her sister.

And she made it clear that the allegations were recent.

She posted a picture of herself with her sister on her Instagram page, making the incest allegation clear in the caption.

Amanda and her sister

“My parents plan on moving back to Texas to be with my ugly family. My sisters expecting her first child with Brandon but I think my father is really the baby’s daddy — the timing adds up!” she wrote.

It has been reported that parents Rick and Lynn Bynes have made the decision to leave California and head back home to Texas, to be with their other two children and their grandchildren.

One insider told Radar Online that Amanda’s parents have left their entire lives behind to move to California when Amanda’s “disturbing behavior” began last year.

“They moved to California and everything became focused on Amanda,” the insider said. “But with Amanda continuing to resist all efforts from her parents to get help, they are now ready to return to Texas.”

The source added, “The time has come because there is nothing more they can do.”

Lynn Bynes was granted her daughter’s conservatorship on October 29th, but TMZ reports that the conservatorship will be transferred to a mental health professional who specializes in people with “severe” mental illnesses and who will be treating Amanda.

As for her money, that will fall under the control of someone else, as well — presumably a financial manager. Amanda’s estate is reportedly worth about $5 million, but legal filings made in October stated that Amanda had been “spending large amounts of her savings. It has been reported that she has recently made extensive purchases as gifts from jewelry stores, such as Cartier, for strangers.”

Amanda’s parents hope that by transferring both the conservatorship and the financial management of Amanda’s money to professionals, they can resume a better relationship with their daughter, even if it is long-distance, from Texas to California.

Amanda Bynes made an earlier accusation of incest against her father, but then retracted her statements, saying that a microchip placed in her brain made her say it.

But Amanda’s latest incest allegation through social media — as well as the fact that she refers to her family as “ugly” — shows that the star is still furious with her parents.

[Images via US Magazine and ET Online]