Cancelled TV Shows 2014-15 And Fall Predictions For ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, And CW

Some cancelled TV shows for the 2014-15 season have already been announced while others currently airing are in danger. A few primetime programs show signs of living at least for another season, while hard-to-predict shows need a bit more time before they’re categorized as being on the chopping block or not by the networks.

May 2015 is when the networks put out the final list on which shows will see another season and which ones are done. In the meantime, weekly ratings and other determining factors are monitored for these crucial decisions.

The latest predictions for the next series to be cancelled on ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, Fox, and other is listed on TV By The Numbers. Each week they give an update on ratings and gauge which shows are likely to be cut within the next season.

TV shows that have already been cancelled but still airing, are: A to Z, Bad Judge, Manhattan Love Story, Mulaney, Selfie, and Two and a Half Men.

Glee, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, and The Mentalist are in their final season. They won’t return in 2015.

About A Boy, Constantine, CSI, Marry Me, and The McCarthy’s are “likely” to be cancelled. Forever, Gracepoint, and Red Band Society are “certain” to be cancelled, according to the site. Marry Me has another five episodes ordered, but if it airs after The Voice, the show is deemed essentially “dead” and just filling space until The Voice has a new lead-out.

Show that are right in the middle and could be cancelled or renewed are: Blue Bloods, Cristela, Hawaii Five-O, Jane The Virgin, Madam Secretary, Reign, Resurrection, Revenge, Stalker, The 100, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, and The Mysteries of Laura. Renewal or cancellations are possible with these shows. It’s not definitive either way yet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a major clue reveals if a TV show will be cancelled. According to a recent report by the website, if the cast and crew are suddenly released from their contracts, it’s an indicator that the show is cut from production.

It’s definitely an uphill battle, but it’s always possible for a show in danger of being cancelled to see its ratings improve with additional episodes carried out.

There’s a lot of time between November and May 2015. Fans wait anxiously in the weeks preceding the final announcements to learn if their favorite show is cut. Which of these TV shows will actually be cancelled for the 2014-2015 season?

[Image via NBC]