Cancelled TV Shows 2014: Results Are In, 24 Shows Cut From ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW

It’s a dreadful day for some and a relief for others concerning the cancelled TV shows 2014 list from all the major networks. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW have made their final decisions on what programs will be cut from here on out. All spring the anxiety over what shows will be cancelled impact producers, talent, and most of all, the fans. The 2014 list is comprised of 24 total shows being cancelled.

So, what shows won’t be returning for another season? ABC cancelled Trophy Wife, Mixology, The Neighbors, Super Fun Night, and Suburgatory.

When it came to shows not returning for another season, CBS cancelled Bad Teacher, The Crazy Ones, Hostages, Intelligence,and Friends With Better Lives.

TV shows cancelled on the NBC network were Community, Revolution, Believe, Crisis, Growing Up Fisher, and Dracula.

FOX crossed five programs off its list of TV shows to be renewed. They are Enlisted, Rake, Dads, Surviving Jack, and Almost Human won’t return for another season.

As another Inquisitr article highlighted, CW had their own list of cancelled TV shows for 2014 that included The Carrie Diaries, Star Corssed, and The Tomorrow People.

This time of year can be hard on fans who loved the shows they soon won’t be watching once again. A flurry of new shows for the Fall season can help, but not always. For those who enjoyed watching Robin Williams return to prime time TV, they’ll miss watching him on The Crazy Ones. NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said getting Thursday to a good place was the main priority for the network. He’s excited about bringing on new series after introducing an “unprecedented number of new original series” after a “stellar year” in scripted TV shows.

On a good note, there were a few TV shows that managed to avoid the 2014 cancellation list despite rumors they faced the axe. The Mentalist had less viewers than in previous seasons, but was able to score a seventh season. In that respect, not all shows were scratched off the renewals list.

This is show business, after all. Nothing is guaranteed to be around unless you hear about the record-setting numbers in viewership ratings. Some shows go through down periods when they reach a certain number of seasons. The ratings for ABC’s Revenge went down in season 2, but made it to season 3. Storylines were shifted to to bring back former viewers and see ratings shoot up with new fans. Now the popular show has been renewed for a fourth season.

What shows will you miss the most? Were any of your favorite TV shows cancelled on the 2014 list?

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