Brock Osweiler Reaction Gives Everyone A ‘Good Laugh’ [Video]

The struggle is real for the Denver Bronco’s back-up quarterback Brock Osweiler as caught on camera at this past Sunday’s game. Fans probably realize that comes with the territory of being a back-up for Peyton Manning, the five-time NFL MVP. There were just 40 seconds left in the third quarter with the Bronco’s trampling the Oakland Raiders, 34 to 10.

Following a punt, Brock was seen quickly removing his headset and going to replace it with his helmet. The cameras then caught Brock’s reaction when he saw Manning running back onto the field instead. Brock looked upset as he threw his left hand up in the air as what can only be called an act of confusion, mixed with a little bit of frustration. Manning finished the third quarter before Brock finished out the game, playing the whole fourth quarter. While the Broncos beat the Raiders in a 41 to 17 victory, there was more talk of Brock’s reaction after the game.

The media was quick to make a joke out of it with CBS Sports reporting on the unfortunate reaction caught on camera. Fortunately, Brock was a good sport and had a chuckle himself, claiming that the whole situation was just a “good laugh.”

While some may have dubbed this situation as Manning snubbing Brock, that was not the case. Brock explained the situation by saying that there was confusion as to who was supposed to be going in at that point of the game. Since there was such a large lead, Brock had been prepared to go in after the punt and had been warming up on the sidelines since the beginning of the third quarter.

Bronco’s head coach, John Fox, supported this statement, claiming that there was a miscommunication in regards to whether or not Brock was fully warmed up which lead to him making the decision to keep Manning in for the remainder of the third quarter.

When asked if his teammates had seen the video, Brock responded, “Oh yeah, I think everyone’s seen it. It’s pretty comical” as reported by ESPN. He also went on to state that he had absolutely “no hard feelings” with his teammates over his reaction.

He may have completed only two out of five passes in the fourth quarter, but at least Brock Osweiler has a sense of humor and referred to the whole incident as a “good laugh.”

[Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Beall]

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