Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Dropping Debut 'Home To Mama' Single Today

For our review of the single, which has now dropped, click here.

As Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson fans know, November 10 was supposed to be the day the duo either dropped a teaser, or the first single from their upcoming duets album which was also slated for release this month.

The "Home To Mama" announcement is one day late, but why quibble?

After a hint Monday night, earlier Tuesday, 17-year-old Cody posted an Instagram of the song's cover art of him and Justin, guitars in hand in front of a non-specific, night-lit log cabin.

The exciting bit is the caption, which Cody tagged to Justin. It reads.

"@justinbieber mate let's give them a little something today," and included a link to an app download called Fahlo.

The Australian teen also tweeted the link and added a hashtag "#HomeToMamaJBCS," referring to the new single title and his and Justin's initials.

Bieber's cliff-diving related ear injury in September, which the singer tweeted about and has led to him wearing ear-plugs, threatened to delay the release of his and Cody's joint acoustic album.

Now, it seems the schedule is back on track, though there no word on whether the boys' duets album is still coming this November.

So what do we know about "Home To Mama"?

Following news that David Hasselhoff and Bieber worked on each other's creative projects in September --- the comedy movie Killing Hasselhoff, and a music video with Justin and Cody -- more details emerged via Billboard last month.

According to the publication, Lanette Phillips, the executive producer of Bieber and Cody Simpson's working titled new video "Home to Mama," which is directed by Emil Nava, will also feature The Hoff.

"David and Justin had been wanting to work with each other," Phillips revealed. "They love each other."

As reported, Bieber will render the voice of KITT, the talking iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that featured in Hasselhoff's 1980's hit TV show Knight Rider.

Here's a lyric sample.

Meanwhile, Justin appears to have responded in his own words to former girlfriend Selena Gomez's incendiary, emotional song and video for "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

It addressed her (according to the video and the Disney alum's later sit down with Ryan Seacrest) passionate but flawed relationship with Justin.

On Saturday (Nov. 8), the Biebs posted a two-part Instagram statement, which appears to suggest he believes Selena made a choice each time she went back to their romance, and cannot simply blame her heart. In short; love is a choice. One, Selena made over and over again.

(Photo: Bieber's caption read, "It's easy to love when you feel it, but love when it's hard to love.")

Elaborating, Justin captioned his post, writing,

"It's easy to love when you feel it, but love when it's hard to love."

Selena appeared to respond with a sexy pic of her video love interest, Shiloh Fernandez.

Then, on Monday, as a more general indication that the Biebs appears to be reflecting on his dramatic year, reports revealed a judge was updated by Bieber's lawyer on how he is progressing through his egging-related two year probation, and was satisfied with his slow but steady progress.

Justin Bieber

In addition to Justin's ongoing church attendance and bible studies, the heartthrob posted an Instagram picture of himself writing in a diary yesterday.

It was captioned, "The old is gone the new is here."

For now, all eyes are watching for the first signs of "Home To Mama."

There's a lot of people waiting to make its acquaintance.