Justin Bieber Is The New Voice Of KITT In New David Hasselhoff Movie [Updated]

Update: According to screenwriter Peter Hoare, as well as being the voice of KITT, Bieber is in the movie for 20 seconds, in a scene after the credits. See Tweets at end of article.

If you’re wondering what Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff were doing cruising in Venice Beach, Calif. on Tuesday in KITT — the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the latter’s 1980’s TV show Knight Rider — then wonder no more.

As it turns out Justin will be the new voice of KITT in comedy movie Killing Hasselhoff, and the 20-year-old singer and 62-year-old actor were shooting movie scenes.

After photos surfaced of Bieber and Hasselhoff earlier this week, it was reported The Hoff will be appearing in a music video for Justin and Australian teen idol Cody Simpson’s new duets album.

And it sounds like that is indeed the case. But, as Insider with Yahoo scooped, the Biebs came away with more than he intended when he made a call to Hasselhoff.

Justin Bieber is the new voice of KITT in this movie – you can’t say that every day,” comic Jim Jeffries, who stars in Killing Hasselhoff told Yahoo.

Recalling his phone conversation with Bieber, The Hoff explains:

“He called me and asked me for a favor. I called him back and said, ‘As a friend, could you do me a favor.’ And he said, ‘Yes.'”

David continued, “And you know what? I did his favor first because I love the Bieb. I think he’s a cool kid, and he gets a bad rap. He’s a good guy, and I like his music. I’ve known him for five years, since the European Music Awards.”

Co-star Ken Jeong chimed, “Justin couldn’t have been more kind or accommodating. He was just so generous with his time, and nailed the scene.”

The original voice of KITT in the series was almost as iconic as the car. Rendered by actor William Daniels — also known as Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World” — it’s going to be a trip to hear how Bieber’s younger sounding timbre compares.

From The Hoff’s talk of “a favor,” it looks like a Bieber, Simpson, Hasselhoff music video will be touching down in the near future.

Justin Bieber And David Hasselhoff

(Photo: Justin and David coordinate their moves while filming in Venice Beach Tuesday.)

The working titles of the comedy movie are Killing Hasselhoff and Celebrity Death Pool.

According to IMDb, it stars The Hangover actor Ken Jeong stars as a desperate nightclub owner who embarks on a plan to pay off his massive debt with a loan shark by attempting to win the club’s celebrity pool with the help of a hit man.

It’s not an actual pool but a betting pool, on the deaths of celebrities.

Enter stage right, Hasselhoff, who will play himself. SNL alum Jon Lovitz plays David’s agent. Hulk Hogan and Jeffries also star.

The movie is directed by Darren Grant and based on a script written by Peter Hoare, and Hasselhoff told AOL at this year’s Cannes Film Festival that he is calling in other celebs to play cameos.

The Hoff also had good things to say about Biebs elsewhere. After working on the Bieber-Simpson music video last weekend, he told People Magazine,

“We had a lot of fun, and he’s a cool guy. It’s really a cool video, and we had a blast.”

Defending his younger friend, he added, “We’re all young once, but you know what? Live it up, baby!”

After the Biebs filmed scenes for his movie cameo on Tuesday, E! News reports The Hoff raved, saying, “Justin is a great guy. He’s cool. We’re friends.”

Photos and video of the two stars looking like they were having a total laugh shooting in Venice bodes well for chemistry in the Biebs’ movie cameo and the music video to come.

Thoughts on what Justin will sound like as the voice of KITT?

David Hasselhoff And Justin Bieber Shoot Movie Scenes

(Photo: The not so odd couple on set.)

Update from screenwriter Peter Hoare:

[Images via PacificCoastNewsOnline/INFPhoto.]

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