Justin Bieber And David Hasselhoff Shoot Scenes In K.I.T.T. Car In L.A [Video]

Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff caused quite the stir Tuesday afternoon, when the pair were spotted taking the famous Knight Rider car K.I.T.T. for a spin in Venice Beach, Calif., on the set of comedy movie Killing Hasselhoff.

The Biebs and The Hoff drew crowds in the hot sunshine as the veteran star, who played lead Michael Knight in the hit 80s TV series, steered the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am while the “Baby” heartthrob sat in the passenger seat.

Pictures of Justin, 20, and David, 62, working on a hush project surfaced at the weekend, and some reports speculate that the Tuesday shoot was for a music video not a movie.

But, if it is for the Hoff’s movie, that means the Biebs in wide screen, with K.I.T.T. — the supercar every kid wanted to ride in the 80’s.

Incidentally, Justin Bieber wasn’t even born when Knight Rider was killing every other TV show around.

The alternate title for Killing Hasselhoff is Celebrity Death Pool.

According to IMDb, it stars The Hangover actor Ken Jeong stars as a desperate nightclub owner who embarks on a plan to pay off his massive debt with a loan shark by attempting to win the pool with the help of a hit man.

It’s not an actual pool, but a betting pool, on the deaths of specific celebrities.

Enter stage right, Hasselhoff, who will play himself. He’s also a producer on the film, Mail Online reports.

SNL alum Jon Lovitz plays David’s agent, and Hulk Hogan will probably play himself. The film is directed by Darren Grant and based on a script written by Peter Hoare.

Justin Bieber And David Hasselhoff

(Photo: Justin and David coordinating their moves while filming..)

At the MTV Movie Awards in April, David told Access Hollywood,

“It’s kind of like The Hangover but a death pool. And we’re going to get all the cameos in there, we’re making this crazy movie it’s going to be Car Wash times five and we’re not taking anything seriously, you’ll love it!”

At the recent Cannes Film Festival, he told AOL, “It’s about a death pool.”

“About ten guys who pick out like Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Charlie Sheen, all the people you see in the papers occasionally. And they all say, we are going to bet on this person to die first.”

“It’s just a mad cap comedy that we’re now calling upon all the people to do cameos for to help me, so we’ll see.”

On the set, Justin and David looked like they were having an bundles of fun.

Which isn’t a surprise, as just days ago, The Hoff said of his younger co-star to People magazine, “We had a lot of fun, and he’s a cool guy. It’s really a cool video, and we had a blast.”

The Hoff also defended Bieber’s wild streak, adding, “We’re all young once, but you know what? Live it up, baby!”

Justin Bieber And David Hasselhoff

(Photo: Two of a kind?)

The somehow perfectly natural looking duo were styled to in color coordinated ensembles for the shoot.

In shots, Hasselhoff wore jeans, heeled boots and a black leather jacket, while Bieber was kitted out in slightly baggy grey jeans, a long, black top and a grey and black jacket which he wore with the sleeves pushed up.

At points in the filming, Justin looked like he was listening intently to what David was telling him.

David Hasselhoff And Justin Bieber Shoot Movie Scenes

(Photo: The not so odd couple on set.)

At other times, the pair are seen laughing their heads off and looked as if they had good chemistry together.

Images of the singer sitting in K.I.T.T with a huge grin on his face showed he had a great time.

It’s no secret the Biebs has been wanting to get into movies, and seeing as 2011’s Never Say Never is still the highest grossing (close to $100 million) concert-movie in the U.S — why not? After his episodes in C.S.I., he had a walk-on, (well, more like shuffle on) cameo in girlfriend Selena Gomez’s latest film Behaving Badly.

Now, Justin is stepping up with a part in a movie that could turn out to be very funny, very funny. Or not.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The “Heartbreaker” singer shared this photo of K.I.T.T on his Twitter and Shots on Tuesday.)

David also filmed scenes near the beach, wearing the unmistakable red swim trunks from Baywatch, to ode another of his hit TV shows from back in the day.

Later, after wrapping his scenes, Justin was seen skateboarding on a neon green skateboard.

(Video: Bystanders posted clips of Justin skating.)

Justin Bieber Sk8er Boi

(Photo: More skating shots.)

Justin Bieber Skating in Venicer

(Photo: The Biebs getting some practice in as the sun went down in Venice Beach.)

Justin Bieber Plays Basketball

(Photo: At one point on his walkabout Justin hung off a basketball hoop.)

Later, Bieber posted a reflective Instagram from Venice Beach as the sun sank.

It was aptly captioned “#Venice.”

It looks like it was fun day and it will be interesting to see the final cut.

Who could have envisioned Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff on a set sitting in K.I.T.T?

Never say never.

Justin Bieber In Venice Beach

[Images via PacificCoastNewsOnline/INFphoto.com/MailOnline.]

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