What Senator Joni Ernst Did Two Days After Winning Election Will Make You Proud!

Last Tuesday, Joni Ernst won the honor of representing the people of Iowa as a newly elected U.S. Senator. For some news outlets, it was important to report that Joni is the first female U.S. Senator from Iowa. Others, on the other hand, found it more important that Ernst is taking a stand against the United Nations and Agenda 21.

Now that she’s won her election, people are looking forward to what she will do for the United States as Senator. Fortunately for those wondering, they didn’t have to wait long because just two days after winning Iowa’s Senate seat, Joni did do something for the United States, and it will make most people proud: she went back on duty for the Army National Guard!

Army National Guard
U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) is an active veteran of the Army National Guard.

According to an article by the National Review, two days after Joni Ernst won one of the most contested Senate seats in the country, she reported for duty at her National Guard base. Joni is a lieutenant colonel who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since then, she’s reported for service numerous times, with the latest being two days of training with the 185th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, which started last Thursday. Joni’s husband, Gail Ernst, made a statement on Joni’s military involvement and how many people don’t know about it.

Not many folks know she is in uniform on Thursday and Friday.”

Even though Joni Ernst is a U.S. Senator-elect, she doesn’t want any special treatment when it comes to her service. Greg Hapgood, a spokesman for the Iowa National Guard, made it clear that soldiers don’t just “punch the clock.”

We serve regardless of our situations and Colonel Ernst doesn’t want to be treated any differently.”

While not on duty, Joni Ernst proved to be a ferocious campaigner in which she finished a 24-hour straight campaign sweep of Iowa. It should be reported that her victory sealed the Senate for the GOP majority. It should also be reported that Joni’s decision to run for U.S. Senate was made more difficult because of her Army National Guard duty. According to IJReview, Joni wasn’t exactly consistent with her campaigning as she she stepped away for a week to drill over the summer. Nevertheless, voters have spoken and Joni Ernst is now poised to join the U.S. Senate.

U.S. Senate
Joni Ernst proved to be a ferocious campaigner while pursuing the Senate during the 2014 Election.

For those who are active or retired from the U.S. military, Joni Ernst’s duty to the National Guard is a factor that most of them feel should be a mandatory requirement for anyone seeking office for any U.S. government position. As a matter of fact, most U.S. military personnel (active and retired) have expressed their disdain for President Barack Obama’s handling of the U.S. military stating that Obama doesn’t understand the military because he never served. The Green Berets – the U.S. Army’s elite special forces unit – have testified on how Obama’s plan to train the Afghan National Army (ANA) to combat terrorism in Afghanistan isn’t going so well.

By electing her, Iowans showed their pride of Joni Ernst for serving her country, not just through political means, but also in its security. Are you proud for Joni and her dedication to the protection and service to America both politically and militarily? Are you one of the majority of veterans – both retired and active – who believe that one of the requirements for any U.S. government position should be serving or having served for the U.S. military?

[Images via Joni Ernst]