WWE: CM Punk And AJ Lee Create Their Own AJ Brooks Website For The WWE Diva

Patrick Frye

CM Punk and AJ Lee have mostly kept off of social media except for their Twitter accounts, but now, the WWE Diva is starting her own website that is outside the control of the WWE. Considering she uses her real married name and not the WWE character name, is it possible we will hear more from Phil and AJ Brooks?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, many fans are hoping for CM Punk's return to the WWE at Survivor Series, but Chris Jericho admits CM Punk is leaving his wrestling friends behind. Even CM Punk's friends in the UFC world say that CM Punk is denying he will return, going so far as to say it will never happen. There are even some reports that are claiming that AJ Lee's WWE career is stagnating due to her marriage to CM Punk.

For quite a while, CM Punk's Twitter account went dark until Halloween came about, and he started tweeting about all the CM Punk and AJ Lee costumes. The most recent CM Punk sighting was when ESPN's Bill Simmons bumped into Punk during a New York Islanders versus Los Angeles Kings game and the two posed for a photo together.

CM Punk Bill Simmons

Otherwise, very little is known about the personal lives of CM Punk and AJ Lee and they're pretty happy to keep it that way. Until now, that is.

AJ Lee announced via her Twitter account that she would be launching a website based upon her married name, April Jeanette Brooks.

"Facebook link on my profile is a WWE created and run AJ fan page. I have not, do not, & WILL NOT ever have a personal or public Instagram or Facebook. So let's all agree to stop being fooled by fakes. However, my friend Alison has created my official website, AJ-Brooks.com. Auctions, prizes, Q&A & exclusive shoots- coming soon."

Otherwise, it sounds like they are trying to promote AJ's real name separate from the WWE, although it's not clear whether her husband Phil will make any appearances on the AJ Brooks website. Even if he is featured, it's probably likely that the CM Punk name will be avoided since Punk has preferred to go by Phil Brooks when he has made public interviews and appearances in the past.