Jordan Landon, 9, Survives 2 days Trapped in Car Wreckage

A 9-year-old North Carolina girl survived on Pop-Tarts, water and Gatorade for two days while trapped in a wrecked car next to the body of her dead father, police said.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Jordan Landon of Cove City, NC, was found by a passer-by around 5:45pm on Sunday after a single-car crash killed her 39-year-old father Doug Landon and pinned her in the twisted wreckage for nearly 48 hours.

“She said she tried to dig her way out, but she couldn’t,” a family friend, Kevin Brinson told local TV station WCTI-TV.

Sgt. David Clifton called the girl “heroic” and that she was able to stay calm despite being trapped in the dark and cold. He says the girl was talkative and is expected to fully recover.

Although the official cause of the crash is unknown at this time, police believe the vehicle had been traveling at a rate of more than 100mph when it ran off the road, down a steep bank and flipped when it hit a cluster of trees.

They do not believe alcohol was involved but are looking into driver fatigue as a contributing factor, WCTI-TV said.

via NY Daily