Sharon Bialek’s Boyfriend Confirms Harassment Claims

Don’t believe Sharon Bialek’s story? Maybe you’ll believe her boyfriend. Victor Zuckerman, Bialek’s former boyfriend, said that he and Bialek had spent an evening with Cain in the 1990s. This would contradict Herman Cain‘s story that he had never met Bialek before the accusations were made public.

Dr. Zuckerman held a news conference on Monday with attorney Gloria Allred, who is also representing Sharon Bialek. Zuckerman said that Bialek had told him about Cain’s sexual advances. Zuckerman said:

“She was upset. She said that something had happened and that Mr. Cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner. She said that she had handled it and didn’t want to talk about it any more….Like many women in the workplace, she quietly endured what she felt was a sexual assault… However, now Mr. Cain is running for the most powerful position in the world.”

The New York Times reports that Sharon Bialek said last week that she was assaulted by Herman Cain. Bialek said that Cain had put his hand under her skirt and tried to touch her after a dinner meeting.

Lin Wood, one of Cain’s attorneys, said that Zuckerman’s story is just part of the ongoing media circus.

Wood said:

“This story doesn’t merit much. It’s just a publicity stunt…” Ms. Allred has “conducted a scripted, one-sided trial.”

Wood also pointed out that Zuckerman had recently filed for bankruptcy and his story may be driven by money and not facts. During the press conference, Zuckerman confirmed that he had recently filed for bankruptcy, but denied that he was being paid to talk out against Herman Cain.

Do you believe Sharon Bialek’s story?