New Syndicate trailer shows off co-op

Starbreeze Studios’ remake of the classic Syndicate will be upon us in about three months, but you won’t have to wait anywhere near that long to get a taste of the game’s co-op. In fact, you can get that taste right now.

EA and Starbreeze released a new trailer today that gives us eight minutes, give or take a few seconds, of raw Syndicate co-op gameplay. There’s no narration here – just some footage of a crew of four blasting away at anything that moves.

Actually, there’s just about no context whatsoever in the video, which is a little disappointing considering that Starbreeze hasn’t provided very many details on co-op. Still, there’s enough information presented in the action to give you at least some of idea of how it all is supposed to work.

Check out the Syndicate ‘New England’ co-op trailer below.

Syndicate is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 February 21, 2012 in North America, February 24 in Europe.