United Kingdom Proposing To Brand Critics Of Sharia Law And Gay Marriage As ‘Extremists’

Here in America, the U.S. government is moving in a direction in support of both Muslims and homosexuals. The Inquisitr reported on examples of such support. For Muslims, President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. military to observe Sharia Law during the month of Ramadan. For homosexuals, there are plenty of times when the government favored them when pertaining to issues they may have had with businesses that identify themselves as Christian, such as the bakery owner who was threatened to make a gay-themed cake.

Speaking of Christians, they, along with Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Tea Party members, are part of a group generally standing up against both Sharia Law and gay marriage. In the United States, freedom of speech is still enforced, ergo they can show their disdain. But in the United Kingdom, the government is trying to push that anyone criticizing gay marriage and Islam to be “extremists.”

According to an article by the Telegraph, new Extremism Disruption Orders would class secularists or evangelical Christians alongside Islamic State or Boko Haram. Theresa May, the U.K. Home Secretary, unveiled these plans last month, which would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting in certain places, or even posting messages on Facebook or Twitter without permission. George Osbourne, the U.K. Chancellor, clarified in a letter to constituents that the aim of the orders is to eliminate extremism in all its forms. It will also curtail activities of those who “spread hate but don’t break laws.”

However, there might be fallacies in the Extremism Disruption Orders. According to Universal Free Press, one specific detail that originated from the Times UK News is that 80 percent of London Muslims support the Islamic State (IS) or its other affiliations (ISIS or ISIL). They also support the strict — and at times violent — Sharia Law the Islamic State practice. Taking those poll results into account, does that mean 80 percent of Muslims who support the IS qualify as “extremists,” since the IS is recognized as an extremist group?

Ironically, both atheists and Christians are standing up against the new orders. Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute, made it clear that traditional evangelists who criticize gay marriage or argue that all religions are not the same might find themselves labeled as an “extremist.”

“Anyone who expresses an opinion that isn’t regarded as totally compliant with the Equality Act could find themselves ranked alongside Anjem Choudary, Islamic state or Boko Haram.”

Simon Calvert even went as far as to say that politicians are intellectually lazy by accusing other of “spreading hate” and that both parties in the government do it. Nevertheless, these orders are still in negotiation were just presented. They are not mandated just yet.

From what you’ve read about the United Kingdom branding anyone who goes against both Sharia Law or gay marriage as an “extremist,” what are your opinions? If this was enforced in the United States, would that be a clear violation of our rights?

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