World War 3: Russian Nuclear War Possible If U.S. And NATO Intervene In Ukraine, Claims Noam Chomsky

World War 3 has been feared for most of 2014 ever since the Ukraine crisis started, but most believe the worst outcome is a new Cold War. But Noam Chomsky believes that nuclear war is a real possibility if the United States and NATO intervene against Russia.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Charles Krathammer claims Vladimir Putin is like a “weaker” Adolf Hitler for sending Russian nuclear bombers over Europe. But Putin believes the real threat to world peace is the Islamic State, not Russia’s nuclear weapons.

Noam Chomsky questions whether NATO needs to exist, claiming that the United States has used the European organization to assert influence on the rest of the world.

“The official justification for NATO was that its purpose was to defend Western Europe from Russian hordes who might attack Western Europe,” says Chomsky. “Its mission changed. The official mission of NATO became to control the international, the global energy system, pipelines. That means, to control the world.”

The Ukraine crisis is assumed to be potential trigger point for World War 3. Russian tanks and troops were allegedly sighted invading eastern Ukraine, although these reports remain unconfirmed. Chomsky believes the situation is tense enough that nuclear war could happen quickly.

“There have been many cases, not that serious, but pretty close, where human intervention with a few-minutes choice has prevented a nuclear war. You can’t guarantee that’s going to continue,” Chomsky claims according to Reuters. “It may not be a high probability each time, but when you play a game like that, with low probability risks of disaster over and over again, you’re going to lose. And now, especially in the crisis over Ukraine, and so-called missile-defense systems near the borders of Russia, it’s a threatening situation.”

The potential for World War 3 has Noam Chomsky criticizing the U.S. reaction Russia, which has caused Vladimir Putin to forge a closer relationship with China. The Russian economic crisis started when global investors pulled about $850 million out of the country in 2014, and the Russian economy increased by only 1.3 percent instead of the previously projected 3.9 percent. Economists believe sanctions by the European Union and the United States could cost Russia $100 to $200 billion a year.

In response, Russia and China agreed to swap swap $25 billion in Chinese yuan for Russian rubles over three years. They also created economic treaties to benefit both countries. There’s also talk of creating a $250 billion high speed rail project that would connect Moscow to Beijing, which would allow China to greatly lower the cost of trade with Europe. China will also benefit from contracts to purchase new Russian submarine designs in addition to S-400 missile systems and Su-35 fighter jets.

Fortunately, despite all the talk about nuclear war, Moscow is hoping to avoid World War 3. According to RIA Novosti, Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak claims they’re open to discussing Russian nuclear disarmament with President Obama.

“We want negotiations to happen, that’s what [Russian President] Vladimir Putin said the other day… The problem is that we are only interested in talks that would genuinely take Russia’s defense interests into account, which means they should include not just nuclear arms, but also a complex of new armaments that are entering service with the US Armed Forces and that infringe Russian strategic defense interests.”

Recently, the United States announced that the number of Russia’s nuclear weapons had surpassed the United States for the first time in many years. Experts believe Vladimir Putin and President Obama both believe their respective country will “win” the next Cold War.

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