Husband Allegedly Murdered Wife To Cash In $4.5 Million Life Insurance By Pushing Her Off A Cliff

A Colorado husband has been accused of murdering his wife on their anniversary in order to cash in on her $4.5 million life insurance.

Harold Henthorn’s second wife accidentally fell to her death in a national park two years ago. However, further intrigue to the tale was added after it was revealed that Harold’s first wife also perished in suspicious circumstances.

Toni Henthorn, who was Harold’s aforementioned second wife, died as the pair were hiking in the Rocky Mountains in September 2012. They were doing this to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary.

Harold Henthorn, 58, was the only witness to Toni’s death. According to the Mirror, he told police that the mother to their 7-year-old daughter fell 50 feet to her death as she tried to take a photograph.

Mr. Henthorn has always insisted that this was how she perished. However, he was arrested on Thursday after FBI officials were informed by a coroner that homicide couldn’t be ruled out. They detailed the mysterious circumstances of her death in their autopsy.

“Toni Henthorn… died as the result of multiple blunt force injuries when she fell or was pushed down a cliff while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. The manner of death is undetermined. The circumstances of death are under investigation at the time of this report. Homicide cannot be excluded.”

ABC 7 claimed that Mrs. Henthorn’s life insurance came to $4.5 million. This was the result of three policies that totaled to this amount, while one of them was claimed just 48 hours after she had perished. However, none of the companies have actually paid out the cash yet, as the investigation into her death still remains open.

Things only got worse for Harold Henthorn after he was charged with the murder of his second wife. Police then went on to reveal that they had also re-opened their investigation into the strange circumstances surrounding the death of his first wife.

Sandra Henthorn died after the couple’s car crushed her to death one evening in 1995. Harold Henthorn has always insisted that it was because the car slipped off the jack as she changed a tire. Just under 20 years ago, the case was closed only a week after her death, the cause of which was ruled as an accident.

However, because of the circumstances of Toni Henthorn’s demise, and the fact that Harold Henthorn was given $300,000 in life insurance following Sandra Henthorn’s death, officials have now decided to re-investigate.

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