Black Friday 2014: Sam’s Club May Have The Best iPad Air Deal Out There, But There’s A Catch

Black Friday 2014 may already have a winner when it comes to iPad Air deals — Sam’s Club.

Only there’s a catch.

The Walmart-owned warehouse store just unveiled the first big Apple sale of the Black Friday 2014 season, chopping $100 off the $399 list price for the 16GB iPad Air. The deal it already considered one of the best out there for App, especially given that Apple itself stopped offering discounts last year and replaced them with gift cards.

Though the Black Friday 2014 deal at Sam’s Club seems enticing, ZDnet notes that there are some caveats.

“The first one is that this is last year’s iPad Air, not the second-generation tablet that was just released. That should come as no surprise to careful Apple watchers, who know the company will almost never lower prices on a new product (unless it’s a disappointment like the iPhone 5c), but buyers should be aware beforehand to avoid remorse later. Then again, the difference between the two iterations may not be dramatic enough to be worth what would be a $200 difference in price.”

The Walmart family has been at the forefront of Black Friday 2014 sales. This week, the Walmart ad leaked, showing deals on a variety of video game consoles including Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. The ad featured the Xbox One Holiday Value Console Bundle, including Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed 5: Unity, for $349.

Walmart has close to 20,000 price rollbacks on other items, so there is a Black Friday discount for just about everyone.

Sam’s Club is a bit more of a question mark when it comes to Black Friday 2014. While Sam’s Club may be leading the way in Apple deals for the Christmas shopping season, it remains to be seen if the last generation of iPad Air will be big enough of a draw.

Editor’s note: it has been brought to our attention that the ads in question are actually 2013’s ads. On page 3, the Xbox One Bundle is actually $329 and on page 2, the Samsung Galaxy S5 no longer has a rebate.