Robin Williams Autopsy Report Reveals Signs Of Dementia At Time Of Death

Following the release of Robin Williams’ autopsy report, a number of revelations have come to light, including the fact that Williams was suffering from a difficult mix of depression and Parkinson’s disease symptoms prior to his death by suicide.

According to the new autopsy and toxicology report, the legendary comedian and actor’s brain also showed signs of dementia.

The report noted that, “Neuropathy findings in this case support the diagnosis of diffuse Lewy body dementia, as established by the National Institute on Aging/Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Radar Online reported that even though Robin Williams wasn’t aware that he had the early signs of dementia, according to the report, he was having a “hard time sleeping and was restless due to his Parkinson’s and anxiety issues, which is why he was sleeping in a separate bedroom” from his wife, Susan.

The report continues that Williams was “[l]ast seen alive by his spouse, Susan Williams at about 22:30 hours the previous evening and had reportedly been sleeping in his step-son’s room, as the step-son was away with his father.”

The following morning, Susan left the house to do some errands, and when she returned she grew concerned when she didn’t see or hear from Robin Williams. She and a friend were reportedly able to unlocked the bedroom he was sleeping in with a paperclip.

On entering the room, the women were horrified when they found Williams, “unresponsive on the floor… No rescue efforts were attempted, as obvious signs of postmortem changes were present, including lividity and rigor.”

Robin Williams was found “in a seated position, facing west, leaning forward with a black nylon belt secured around his neck. The tongue slightly protruded forward and the lip was darkened. His right shoulder was in contact with the closet door, several inches below the doorknob… His thighs were extended in front of his torso with both hands resting over the center of his thighs.”

Following the tragic suicide, investigators found bottles of anti-depressants seroquel and mirtazapine, as well as a pocket knife covered with some dried blood and a ginger ale.

On top of those strong drugs, Robin Williams had also reportedly been prescribed lansoprazole, rapaflo, finasteride, amoxicillin, quetiapine, carbidopa, and mirtazapine. At the time of his death, no alcohol or illegal substances of any type were found in Williams’ system.