‘Captain America 3’ Rumors: Recurring Role For Frank Grillo Confirms The Death Of Captain America?

Captain America 3 rumors have been dying down somewhat ever since the subtitle Civil War was confirmed at the Marvel event. The recurrent casting of a certain actor might also confirm that the death of Captain America is coming by the end of that film.

[Caution: Spoilers Ahead]

Frank Grillo played the role of a man who turned coat for Hydra in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The identity of the character suggested (Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones) might not be familiar to casual comic book fans. In the comics, Crossbones played a very important role in one of the biggest plot twists in history.

Even though many major characters will be missing from the storyline in the upcoming film, thanks to Fox and Sony holding on to their characters as long as possible, it appears Marvel is staying as close to the story as they can.

Frank Grillo indicated in a recent interview with Collider that he has a multiple movie contract in the series.

“I have a multi-contract deal with Marvel. The movie was an origin film for that character. If you know the comic, he has a significant presence. So, knock wood. With Marvel, you can’t say very much, but I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll have some fun, in the next few Marvel movies.”

Grillo probably didn’t realize how much he gave away by saying that. The significant presence means that Crossbones is the character whose bullet kills Steve Rogers. Captain America 3 rumors could be proven true, and it may very well be the death of the “first Avenger.”

In the Marvel Civil War, Tony Stark joins the registration movement, which in this case, could be S.H.I.E.L.D. and it’s involvement with Hydra, a major theme in the last Cap movie. With Robert Downey Jr. already confirmed to be in the Civil War story, Captain America 3 rumors appear to be following the story roots rather closely. Combine this with the possibility of Chris Evans’ talk of retiring, and it sounds very likely.

As Iron Man leads the publicly supported side of the decision to split the Avengers and superheroes everywhere, Cap will supposedly gather the opposed and take refuge in Doctor Strange’s sanctum sanctorum, according to the comics. When he leaves the hiding place and allows himself to be arrested, that is when the supposed involvement of Crossbones comes in.

It’s hard to say just yet how closely Marvel is sticking to the original Civil War story, but with Frank Grillo’s Brock Rumlow being another recurring character in the series, it appears that the death of Captain America is inevitable.

With the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe already planned and set to move forward next year, the Captain America 3 rumors appear to be pointing to a widely satisfying live action Marvel Civil War.


In a recent tweet, Frank Grillo denied the rumor, though it is unclear whether it was for Marvel’s secrecy or because Cap isn’t set to die in the upcoming film. In his own words, “knock [on] wood.”

[Image via Marvel Heroic Roleplaying]