'Shake It Off': Taylor Swift's Song Syncs Up With 1989 Aerobic Workout [Video]

"Shake It Off" didn't need a Miley Cyrus-inspired music video featuring girls with big booties shaking what their mommas gave them -- instead Taylor Swift could have simply played her catchy tune over a 1988 aerobics video.

Swifty experiments with many different dance styles in her "Shake It Off" music video, including break dancing, ballet, contemporary dance, and twerking. However, none of these movements work with "Shake It Off" the way '80s aerobics do.

According to the Huffington Post, YouTube user Thomas Chung has paired up Taylor Swift's twerktastic tune with a 1988 areobics video that's full of more spandex than Miley Cyrus' closet.

Much like Taylor Swift's awkward dancing, the aerobics moves aren't too hard to copy -- there's clapping with butt kicks, jogging in place, jumping jacks, spirit fingers, Mr. Universe poses, high kicks, and West Side Story snapping. You can check out the very bouncy video in all its Aquanet glory below. The footage is from the opening of the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship.

Taylor Swift gave the "Shake It Off" spoof her seal of approval on Twitter by sharing a link to the HuffPo article and video.

Swifties also had a positive response to the parody, and some of them seemed to prefer it to the actual music video.

"This video makes me outrageously happy. And seriously, they had some pretty epic moves," one commenter wrote.

"Glad to have an excuse to haul out my Spandex unitard for one more shake session," an obvious child of the '80s shared.

"Whoever is responsible for this, is a comic GENIUS! I'm about to pee my pants!" another commenter overshared

In other Taylor Swift news, Vice magazine recently revealed that Swifty has finally stopped hitting a sour note with the gay community. In fact, many gay men have dubbed T-Swift the new Queen of Pop.

Before Swift's '80s-inspired 1989 pop album, such a designation would have been considered blasphemy -- the Queen of Pop title is usually reserved for the likes of Madonna and Cher. Taylor Swift hasn't reached their legendary status yet, but drag queens have actually started performing "Shake It Off."

Perhaps Taylor should embrace all this new-found pop love and leave all that country mess behind. At the Inquisitr previously reported, 1989 went platinum after just one week of sales, and it's the first platinum record of the year. It's also the most successful debut since 2002. If you need further proof that almost everyone loves Taylor Swift, consider this: According to Us Weekly, Swift is one of the few musicians whose tunes are loved equally by Democrats and Republicans. That's saying a lot when you consider how ugly the political climate is these days.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift's new pop sound, and do you prefer the original "Shake It Off" music video or the '80s aerobics version?