Is This Our First Look At Yellowjacket, The Villain For Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’?

Marvel’s Ant-Man is set to hit theaters this coming summer, but Marvel fans know surprisingly little about what form the diminutive hero will take when he hits the big screen. Now, though, an apparent leak has shown off what Ant-Man‘s villain, Yellowjacket, will look like, and he looks pretty awesome.

The new picture comes courtesy of @MoviesBook (h/t:, and it shows a supervillain costume that is definitely of the quality one would expect from a Marvel movie. Given Marvel’s notorious secrecy, there’s little chance that we’ll get any concrete confirmation from the House of Ideas that this is indeed the villain for next summer’s Ant-Man, but the color scheme and extra appendages definitely imply an insect-themed character in the vein of Ant-Man‘s Yellowjacket.

In the comics, Yellowjacket is simply another persona taken on by the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. The Yellowjacket persona represents Pym’s more bold and confident traits, but it comes with a darker edge than Ant-Man typically presents.

The Ant-Man film, though, is taking a different track. In the film, Yellowjacket will be played by House of Cards‘ Corey Stoll. Mr. Stoll will play Darren Cross, a character that has come into possession of one of Hank Pym’s next-generation Ant-Man costumes. Yellowjacket is confirmed as Ant-Man’s antagonist in the film, so we can assume that he won’t be using the technology for the greater good.

Marvel has largely kept mum on Ant-Man, even though the film is slated to follow up next summer’s inevitable blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film has reportedly gone through a number of rewrites and personnel shifts, with directors being brought on and kicked off, and there have been surprisingly few leaks about the production, even though it’s just nine months from release.

That uncertainty in Ant-Man‘s production process has some wondering whether it could be Marvel’s first “rush job,” and whether it could interrupt Marvel’s so-far solid streak of box office hits. Given the questionable quality of Iron Man 2, though, it might be the case that Marvel can still put out a stinker every once in a while and still rake in the cash.

One thing we do know about Ant-Man is that it will supposedly take a decidedly different tack from previous Marvel pictures. Whereas most Marvel films to date have been adventure flicks, Marvel is pitching Ant-Man as a “heist caper,” wherein Paul Rudd’s “master thief” character must find the hero within him and pull off an incredible score.