Heidi Montag Wants Troubled Amanda Bynes To Stay At Her Place

Heidi Montag has a solution for Amanda Bynes after the actress was spotted sleeping at a Los Angeles shopping center — she wants Amanda to stay with her.

The reality television star reached out to Bynes on Thursday, offering to let Amanda stay with her while she works out some family troubles.

Earlier in the day, Amanda Bynes explained on Twitter that some problems with her parents left her without a place to stay. Bynes tweeted that her parents didn’t give her enough money to check into a hotel, forcing Amanda to stay with friends.

The living arrangements left her tired and led to Amanda falling asleep on a bench.

While Heidi Montag may want to give Amanda Bynes a place to stay, the actress also has some money issues to work on. After she was placed on a 5150 psych hold in October, Amanda has been under the care of her parents, who have been giving her money via $50 and $100 gift cards.

Amanda has taken to blasting her parents on Twitter, and after the latest incident she sent a series of messages blaming her parents for the bench incident. Amanda also complained that she “hates” her parents.

Bynes has faced some high-profile difficulties in the past several months, including multiple arrests, stints in rehab, and hospitalizations.

On Thursday, TMZ reported on that Amanda’s mother will relinquish a conservatorship over her daughter and leave Amanda in the hands of mental health professionals take over. Bynes’ finances will now be handled by a money manager.

It’s not clear if Amanda Bynes took Heidi Montag up on her offer.

[Image via Zero Filtered]