Republican Chair Hopes And Prays For A Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid In 2016


The Republican National Committee Chair, Reince Priebus said earlier today that he hopes and prays that his party will face Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

Priebus spoke about Hillary Clinton at a breakfast earlier this morning with reporters hosted by The Christian Science Monitor in Washington D.C. according to MSNBC. Priebus said that Republicans are excited to carry yesterday’s nationwide victories right into the 2016 election. The RNC Chair said that with wins in key swing states like Florida, Ohio and Virginia, Republicans are going to keep staff in those states through 2016 to avoid a repeat 2012 nomination process, which Priebus likened to a “circus.”

As to that nomination process, Priebus said that Republicans are changing their own rules. They will shorten the primary and caucus calendar and they will reduce the number of debates, (which numbered a record-high 23 in 2012) according to The Washington Times. Priebus focused on those changes, citing the necessity for Republicans to streamline their nomination schedule.

“We’re taking it from a six month slice and dice fest to about weeks. We’re going to contain the process so we don’t end up with rogue debates that provide the temptation for candidates to break the rules.”

The RNC Chair also spoke about the need to improve voter mobilization efforts, something they got killed on in 2012. Priebus said the Republican “ground game” will need to be at least three times larger than it was for the 2014 mid-terms.

“I think we’ve got to be about perfect to win a national turnout vote in this country. I think Democrats can be good and win, we’ve got to be great.”

When asked about the great possibility of running against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, Priebus’ reply indicated his lack of worry.

“I sure as heck hope we’re running against Hillary Clinton.”

Though Clinton allies are secretly saying that the widespread Democratic losses on Tuesday are a boon of sorts for Clinton – saying that she’ll have a clear “villain” to run against in 2016 – the Republicans see the same thing when it comes to the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

“If your job was to unify the party and raise a ton of money and get a ton of volunteers on the ground, I promise you, you would want no other opponent to run against than Hillary Clinton.”

Despite Preibus’ comments on Clinton, he remains cautious about the future likliehood success of Republicans in 2016. The RNC Chair said that Tuesday’s wins were good for the Republican party, but he stopped short of saying whether or not the party had a “mandate” to govern.

“I would call that a pretty sweeping victory, but whether it’s a mandate or not, that’s a different question.”

What do you think? If you’re a Republican, would you like Hillary Clinton for an opponent? If you’re a Democrat, does the RNC Chair’s willingness to oppose her worry you?

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[Image via The Clinton Foundation]