USPS Adds Sunday Delivery For The Holidays

USPS has announced plans to add Sunday delivery through the holidays. Officials have confirmed that Sunday delivery will begin on November 17 and extend through Christmas Day. Seven-day service will allow postal workers to meet an expected 12 percent increase in volume.

During the 2013 holiday season, the Postal Service delivered 420 million packages and more than 12 billion cards. The number of packages is expected to increase to 470 million this year.

Although the USPS has committed to adding Sunday delivery during the holiday season, the service will be limited to major metropolitan areas.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, seven-day delivery will allow the Postal Service to remain competitive with UPS and FedEx. Although UPS will likely maintain their lead, with an expected 585 million packages, the USPS is expected to surpass FedEx — which will deliver fewer than 300 million packages during the holiday season.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe confirmed that “the Postal Service will be out making deliveries every single day during the holiday season, including Christmas Day.” He also said USPS is “raising the bar with enhanced tracking” services.

As reported by Fox Business, online sales “continues to be a big player now more than ever.” In response, the USPS has vowed to “enhance [their] network to ensure America that [they will] deliver… cards, gifts, and letters in time for the holidays.”

Although USPS will be adding Sunday delivery during the holidays, they have provided the following deadlines to ensure packages and mail will arrive to their destinations before Christmas Day.

  • December 2 — First-Class Mail International/Priority Mail International
  • December 10 — Priority Mail Express International
  • December 15 — Standard Post
  • December 17 — Global Express Guaranteed
  • December 20 — Domestic First-Class Mail/Priority Mail
  • December 23 — Domestic Priority Mail Express

Despite reports of 20 percent growth over the last five years, the USPS continues to experience financial difficulty. Officials hope the Sunday deliveries will increase business and profits. In addition to seven-day delivery, the Postal Service will offer discounts on Priority Mail packages.

The USPS began offering Sunday delivery during the holiday season last year. However, the service was quite limited. As seven-day delivery was a great success, the service will be expanded to include 20 markets.

USPS Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe said that “people are always delighted to get their package sooner. And from [USPS’] point of view, it helps keep the network running smoothly.”

USPS’ decision to add Sunday delivery during the holidays will help ensure packages reach their destination on or before Christmas Day.

[Image via Fedscoop]