Aksana Kuzmitskaya Spy Lawsuit Claims Landlord Used Hidden Cams On Female Tenant

Two New York landlords are under fire for allegedly using hidden cameras to monitor a female tenant’s private moments. Ukrainian immigrant Aksana Kuzmitskaya filed a lawsuit against her former bosses on Monday for their alleged spy exploits on parts of her Upper West Side apartment. Kuzmitskaya alleges in the suit that the two men spied on her to catch her naked with devices installed without her knowledge and permission.

Court documents say the young woman was hired in 2013 by 7 West 82nd Street LLC to provide cleaning and upkeep services for the brownstone building. The landlords offered her a rent-free apartment in exchange for her services. She agreed and moved in shortly thereafter, citing a report from New York Daily News.

At some point, Aksana Kuzmitskaya found a hidden spy cam installed inside a clock. Attached was a USB device that she used to connect to a computer to view its contents. What she found was startling: numerous images of her in various stages of undress. The Real Deal detailed the woman’s alleged findings of the spy cams in the UWS pad.

“The landlords spied on Kuzmitskaya while she was either naked or in her underwear, using the bathroom, engaging in sexual acts and showering. The ‘high-powered’ video cameras were concealed in ‘unsuspecting devices’ in the unit’s bathroom, the suit alleges. The defendants allegedly maintained a live feed of the footage.”

Legal documents claim Michel Kadoe and Eli Kadoch invaded Kuzmitskaya’s privacy by installing covert cameras and illegally used them to spy on the woman in her bathroom and bedroom. The lawsuit also claims that about 70 images were obtained that show the woman taking showers, using the toilet and even engaging in sex.

In addition to the spy cams, Aksana Kuzmitskaya claims the landlords used live feeds to zoom in on her lady parts, and there is evidence in one of the video recordings that actually shows Kadoch repositioning the hidden devices in various rooms. Kuzmitskaya’s attorney, Joseph Mure Jr., weighed in.

“Shes a victim. She’s very, very upset about this, crying all the time. She’s ashamed and scared that this will mean even more people will be Googling her.”

The lawsuit was promptly filed after a grand jury in Manhattan indicted Kadoch on felony charges stemming from illegally spying on the woman.

After Aksana Kuzmitskaya found the spy cams in her apartment, she quit and moved out of the building a short time later. Kadoch and Kadoe have not commented publicly on the lawsuit and criminal indictiment.

[Image via: Geek With Laptop]