Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Tells Leah Messer ‘Just Say No… To Rehab’

Although no longer part of the cast on Teen Mom 2, Farrah Abraham doesn’t hesitate to give any of the current girls on the show advice, whether they want it or not.

So, amid rumors that current teen mom Leah Messer-Calvert, mom of three girls, may be headed to a rehabilitation center in order to deal with her alleged prescription pill problem, Abraham advises her not to do it.

In an interview with Life & Style magazine, Abraham explains why she thinks Leah would be better off staying out of rehab.

“I’ve been to rehab and there’s a lot of people who don’t feel like they’ve gotten help there. I think if Leah can make that change where she’s at, rather than going to rehabilitation, she’ll be stronger, she’ll be better.”

Farrah has her own reasons for being anti-rehabilitation, considering that she has personal experience. After a DUI arrest on St. Patrick’s Day, Farrah attended a 10-day outpatient program at The Lukens Institute. Farrah maintained that she did not have a problem with alcohol, and actually ended up being asked to leave the 10-day program early because of disruptive behavior. Farrah reportedly got into repeated arguments with the staff, was bullying towards fellow patients, invited the paparazzi to come to the facility and take pictures, and was caught taking selfies with another “infamous” patient — “Tan Mom.”

Although nothing has been confirmed by either Leah Messer or MTV, it is rumored that MTV has offered to send Leah to the same rehab center where Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans were treated.

A source told Radar Online, “MTV would foot the bill. They’re as shocked about this as the fans and genuinely want her to get help.”

Leah has reportedly been struggling with an addiction to prescription pills, and her friends say they are very concerned. In Touch reports that Leah’s friends want to stage an intervention for Leah because of her prescription pill habit.

“Leah’s not in a good place right now. She’s lost,” an insider reported. “Her friends think she needs rehab.”

In addition to this, Leah and her ex are in a custody battle over their twin girls. But one insider told In Touch that it may be the reality check Leah needs, saying, “Leah loves her children. If she thinks she’ll really lose them, she’ll probably go to rehab. And it may just come to that.”

Farrah’s unwanted advice should probably not be heeded by Leah, if she truly does have a pill problem. And Farrah herself admits that her advice certainly does not come from any place of concern for Leah, or any of the other teen moms, for the matter.

“I’m very sad for Leah’s kids. I don’t really care about their parents,” Abraham said.

But with Farrah Abraham’s current escapades, it seems like maybe she should focus on herself and her own kid. For more about that, click here.

[Image via Life & Style]