Adrienne Maloof Heading For A Break Up With Jacob Busch? Another Woman Allegedly Distracting Her Young Boyfriend

Adrienne Maloof Break Up

Is Adrienne Maloof heading for a break up with Jacob Busch? If things are going as bad as a source claims they are, then it’s highly likely. A source speaking with Radar Online says 24-year-old Jacob is giving Paris Hilton a lot of attention. Paris lives next door to Adrienne in a gated community. Jacob has been going over to her house quite frequently when he visits, and Adrienne isn’t normally with him when he sees her.

The insider adds that Jacob is crafty about when he times his visits at Adrienne’s.

“Jacob stops by Adrienne’s house when he knows she won’t be there, and then he goes over to Paris’ house instead.”

Maloof has learned about what’s going on and “she isn’t happy about it,” the source claims. Busch and Hilton are enjoying their time hanging out and “word” has gotten out about it. The source says Jacob has expressed that the only thing going on between he and Paris is friendship, and he has all love for Adrienne. Their plans for marriage are “now on hold.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been dating Jacob Busch, 24, since last year when they met at a party. She wears a diamond ring that Jacob gave her for Valentine’s Day, but they “are not yet engaged.” Since Adrienne wears the ring on her wedding finger, it makes everyone think that they’re getting married.

The source says now Adrienne is “watching Jacob’s every move now” and “very little trust” exists in their relationship.

In an interview with Too Fab, Adrienne talks briefly about her boyfriend and what it’s like dating a man so much younger. The 53-year-old remarks that many people do it, and that things are good in her relationship with the Anheiser-Busch heir.

“I really don’t think about the number. If you take that number out of the equation, you’re still going to have the same relationship. Many women do it, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Madonna. If you got a great relationship, you got a great relationship.”

The Inquisitr wrote about that interview and what she had to say about returning to RHOBH in Season 5. Maloof will make cameo appearances on the show. Some of the most dramatic moments seen in previews for the show have occurred at a party Adrienne is hosting.

Paris Hilton is 33-years-old and closer to Jacob Busch’s age. Will this cause Adrienne Maloof to break up with him eventually?

Editor’s note: The Inquisitr has been contacted by Mr. Busch’s public relations firm, which offered a statement on the rumors addressed.

“Mr. Busch is head over heels in love with Ms. Adrienne Maloof and has eyes for her ONLY. They are very happy and are enjoying going into the second year of their relationship. It is very sick that someone would insinuate otherwise in an attempt to hurt them and their families. “

As such, the Inquisitr team would like to officially retract the above story.

[Image via Bravo TV]