Donatella Versace, Is That You? Her New Face Stuns… And Not In A Good Way!

Fashion icon Donatella Versace stunned onlookers as she strolled around São Paulo, Brazil, during Fashion Week.

The 59-year-old diva was described as looking like a wax figurehref>, with a face that appeared to be melting.

While there’s no official word as to what happened to Versace, one thing beauty and plastic surgery experts seem to agree on is that the result is anything but natural aging.

“She’s pretty much had it all,” Dr. Steve Fallek told Hollywood Life.

The renowned plastic surgeon is convinced that Donatella Versace has had a number of procedures done over the decades.

“[She’s probably had] botox, fillers, lasers for the skin. Minimal recovery time for those, though there can be some redness of the skin for a few weeks with laser therapy.”

It’s not a question of IF Donatella Versace has had work done.

The Italian fashion designer has admitted to it in the past. She said she didn’t believe in a “totally natural” appearance for women.

As Versace works in the fashion industry, this beauty and youth-centric outlook isn’t too surprising.

Donatella Versace is a highly visible fashion figure, but increasingly for all the wrong reasons. If you were to look up “bad celebrity plastic surgery” lists, you’d find that Donatella Versace appears on quite a few of them.

The images of Donatella in São Paulo seemed to suggest that she’s had even more work done recently. And it’s left onlookers concerned that Versace has headed into “disfigurement” territory.

Facial disfigurement is the inevitable result of excessive plastic surgery.

David Reath MD, a plastic surgeon operating out of Knoxville, Tennessee, suggests that it’s up to responsible physicians to recognize there may be a problem.

“Sometimes you start working with someone who is reasonable, and the more you work with them, you begin to realize you will have to extricate yourself.”

Unfortunately, some plastic surgeons are far more money-oriented than they are concerned about the welfare of their patients. This lack of ethics is what ultimately leads to tragically disfigured individuals.

It also forces highly image-conscious and insecure persons to deal with a great deal of gossip surrounding their new look.

Versace seems to be very aware that people are talking, which is probably why the outcry over her face resulted in a mini-makeover a short while later.

Donatella stepped out in São Paulo a few days after those “shiny” photos were taken, looking a little less startling. Her face had a matte finish, and her long blond hair covered a greater portion of her face.

She also wore a sexy purple dress to show off her figure.

Do you think Donatella Versace has had too much plastic surgery? If so, why do you think no one has intervened?

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