Starbucks Eggnog Latte Is Coming Back, But Not As Fast As Latte-Lovers Would Like

Starbucks Eggnog Latte is back — or at least it will be on November 17. Customers weren’t happy when the popular holiday beverage was no longer offered but the folks at Starbucks finally came to their senses and decided to put the drink back where it belongs — on the holiday menu.

USA Today reports that Starbucks had been selling Eggnog Lattes during the holiday season since 1986 and decided to pull them from the menu to “simplify” their seasonal menu. That didn’t go over well with fans of the delicious drink, with many protesting on Twitter in hopes that the company would realize that removing the drink from the menu was a huge mistake.

My mom just got super depressed at Starbucks because apparently the eggnog latte is not out yet HAHA loser

— Pumpkin Spice (@rileynahrwold) November 7, 2014

Starbucks obviously didn’t realize how much customers love Eggnog Lattes, but when they did, they fessed up to making an error in judgement. The Daily Mail reports that Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mill simply said, “We made a mistake. We are very sorry” when asked about the popular menu item that has been a holiday staple for the past 28 years.

Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks until most Starbucks customers are able to buy an Eggnog Latte, due to the time it takes to source eggnog. Who knew? Apparently it’s not that easy to get a gigantic supply of eggnog into almost 12,000 locations of the coffeehouse chain.

It looks like Starbucks is also having a heck of a time sourcing gingerbread flavoring as well. USA Today reports that Gingerbread Lattes will also be back on the menu during the holidays, but only at locations in the Pacific Northwest.

If enough people protest, perhaps Starbucks will spread the holiday cheer and bring the gingerbread-flavored lattes to locations nationwide, giving customers two delicious menu options during the upcoming season of friends, family, shopping and gift giving.

Of course, you could always try making your own Eggnog Latte by trying out this knock off recipe from A Sweetpea Chef.

eggnog latte recipe

Are you a Starbucks Eggnog Latte fanatic?