WWE: CM Punk Return Hoped For Survivor Series, AJ Lee's WWE Divas Career In Doubt

Patrick Frye

CM Punk's WWE return has long been hoped for, ever since that fateful night at Royal Rumble-- and now Punk fans are hoping that the WWE Survivor Series PPV may be the big event that will draw him back to the WWE. Unfortunately, some believe that AJ Lee's career as a WWE Diva is also heading for stagnation.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, sources close to CM Punk say the wrestler will not be returning any time soon, and even Chris Jericho admits CM Punk is leaving his wrestling friends behind. But at least CM Punk's Twitter account became active again recently and he began communicating with some fans for a time (just don't bug Punk for photos like one unlucky fan found out).

Speaking of the fans, it seems like some in the WWE Universe are creating their own fantasy WWE league on Twitter.

— Glen Casio (@Glencasio) November 4, 2014

— Brandon Bento (@BrandonBento10) November 4, 2014

— George-Hattori (@Alby_JJ) November 4, 2014

AJ Lee's WWE career is also a matter of intense speculation. Her marriage to Punk was once rumored to be the reason that she was not on WWE Total Divas, but Lee claims this idea is completely false and that she made the decision to not let the intrusive cameras into their home. Otherwise, AJ Lee has been swapping her WWE Divas champion belt back and forth with Paige, which has the Bleacher Report claiming her career is slumping.

"[I]t's hard to fight the feeling that Lee is headed for career stagnation soon... Punk's issues with management since he walked out in January have been well-documented, and it's hard not to see how it doesn't put Lee in a rather awkward position... Going by the direction of WWE programming, she may very well drop the title soon to up-and-coming heel Nikki Bella. After that, it's tough to see her thriving. She's stuck with an unspectacular babyface character and won't be able to turn back because Bella already has the top bad-girl spot."