WWE News: CM Punk And WWE Reach Deal To Sell Merchandise Online?

No matter what CM Punk does, he will always be in the news. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the WWE Universe will automatically connect a simple act to his inevitable return. Which is, in fact, an inevitable return because the “Best in the World” will return one day. Enough of this pretentious drivel, as there is real news to report about CM Punk and the WWE.

Months ago, Punk sent a 22-page letter to WWE about using his name in merchandise, WWE promotional materials and anything WWE-related. To clarify, it was not a lawsuit but rather a statement that WWE cannot use the name “CM Punk” as they don’t have it trademarked like most wrestler’s names.

Another report about Punk’s merchandise came about earlier last week as CM Punk’s hoodie was “censored” in WWE 2K15. Instead of his Punk hoodie with his logo, it is now grey in the new video game. Apparently, his hoodie during the latter-stages of his career had “Gracie Jiu-Jitsu” on it, which WWE doesn’t have a sponsorship with. So, they can’t use the logo at all.

For the Punk-return optimists, this update could make the difference between complete-negativity to a state of “positive vibes.” There was a time when WWE.com took down every piece of CM Punk merchandise. As of today, WWE.com is now selling CM Punk items.

“WWE’s Shop website is once again selling CM Punk merchandise after pulling all items bearing his name and likeness last month. This includes clothing, toys and a pendant. While prices on most of the listed items have been reduced, it’s not drastic.”

“Recently, attorneys of the former wrestler sent WWE a 22-page letter regarding non-payment of royalties he feels he’s owed. In an apparent response to the letter, WWE slashed prices on many Punk items before removing them altogether. This included a huge price drop in the “Best In the World” DVD and Blu-ray, which was reduced to $2.99.”

Consider this a victory for the WWE — and for Punk fans as well. The next step in getting Punk to return is to finally get a deal done for merchandising rights. Let’s remind the WWE Universe that WWE cannot sell anything without a contract with the wrestler or personality.

For example, they couldn’t produce and sell a Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt without his permission and contract to do so. It needs to be agreed upon by both parties, and money is definitely involved. Reading between the lines can get sketchy, but a situation like this could develop into real talks down the road.

Of course, this report and analysis will only lead to hate-mail from the fans that insist CM Punk will never return to the WWE. Never forget about the fact that Paul Heyman took an elevator ride up to WWE’s headquarters and had all intentions of never signing a contract. He went there for a quick meeting about an interview for a documentary. Heyman left WWE headquarters with a new contract. History has all the potential to repeat itself.

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