Adorable Baby Gets Jumping Lessons From Sweet Pooch [Video]

In a video that’s going viral, a family pet is stepping in to give jumping lessons to an infant. The baby is already doing her best, bouncing in a doorway-mounted exerciser but the watchful pooch, after a brief observation, steps in to show her just how jumping is done!

The jumping baby video is so adorable that it received hundreds of views within hours of its upload to YouTube Thursday evening. Check it out below:

According to the video description, Day (the dog in the video) isn’t really trying to give the baby jumping lessons — she just really loves shadows. Watching the video more closely, you can tell that she’s actually in pursuit of Baby Ally’s jumping shadow.

Viewing with that knowledge, it’s clear that the pooch’s initial circling and study are not about investigating the Jolly Jumper (that’s the name of the seat the infant is bouncing in, by the way, not a label for the baby herself — though watching her furry friend does seem to have her jumping for joy) or the baby. She’s clearly checking out the shadow, sniffing around and working out how to approach catching the elusive bit of shade.

It takes Dakota several passes by the shadow before she decides to try jumping on it. Of course, her attempts just amuse the baby, causing excitement, sweet baby giggles, and more jumping — keeping up the cycle as the jumping keeps the pooch’s quarry (the shadow) moving. The more the baby bounces, the more her shadow moves, and the more Dakota has to leap to try and catch it!

So, okay, no, the furriest member of the family isn’t really trying to give the smallest family member lessons in jumping, but that’s sure how it looks as the two take turns bouncing and leaping. Regardless, she’s sure keeping her little protégé entertained. If Day’s jumping doesn’t put a smile on your face, the baby giggles surely will!

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It’s evident that Ally and Day are already good buddies, and the friendly dog’s apparent attempts to give her little human “jumping lessons” may be the cutest thing you’ll see all day.