Pet Dog Teaching Baby How To Crawl Is The Cutest Video Ever!

Babies taking their first steps or even attempting to crawl along the floor are things that every parent looks forward to seeing. It is common for us to prompt our babies to take their first steps and cheer them along when they try. After all, it is not an easy task to accomplish after spending nine months inside a confined space.

Even crawling along the floor, which is what most babies do before they can walk, isn’t easy to accomplish when babies start out. It is always a proud moment when you see your baby move on his/her own for the first time – so what if it is just a crawl?

So, when YouTube user Valerie Stevens-Scott started recording a video in which she hoped to catch a footage of her little baby girl crawl for the first time, she hoped to get just that. A video of a baby attempting her first crawl.

However, also in the vicinity was the family dog, Buddy. As is evident from the video, Buddy seems extremely excited to have the baby around him and is trying to play with her. At one point in the video, Buddy notices that the little baby is attempting to crawl – but isn’t getting it right at all.

What happens next is exactly the stuff viral videos like these are made of. Buddy, who is a terrier mix, takes matters into his own hands and decides to teach the baby how to do it. For a brief moment, Buddy goes off the camera frame and then returns to do a crawl. A proper crawl. It is clear that the dog is showing the baby girl how to do it!

Also to be noted is the fact that the baby actually stops and takes a look at how Buddy is doing it. The video stops a few seconds after the crawl and we do not know if the baby did manage to replicate Buddy’s crawl. What we do know is the fact that Buddy has turned into an Internet celebrity and the video uploaded on June 18 has gone viral! It is already past 500,000 views and growing fast.

Have you seen anything cuter than this?! Tell us the truth!

[Image Via YouTube]