Sperm Donor Romance: Australian Woman Seeks Out And Falls In Love With Her Sperm Donor

A sperm donor romance may not be ideal to most, but it worked out for Aminah Hart from Melbourne, Australia.

Hart, 42, was a newly single woman when she made the decision to use a sperm donor to conceive her daughter. According to the Daily Mail, Hart knew she wanted to have children, but had already suffered the tragic loss of two sons due to a genetic disorder called x-linked myotubular myopathy, “a condition that affects muscles used for movement and occurs almost exclusively in boys.”

“Her first son Marlon, conceived with her former husband, died at the age of four months, while she was living in England, and in 2010 when Aminah was living back in Australia, Louis – fathered by a former partner – died at the age of 14 months.”

Thanks to legislative changes in 2010 that opened up access to IVF for single women, Hart was giving another change of becoming a mother, according to Yahoo 7 News.

“It takes the romance out of it a bit, doesn’t it, when you decide to take on donor sperm to try and have a baby,” said Hart. “It wasn’t going to be picture postcard, being single, but I was raised by an amazing single mother and she taught me that I could do it.”

After she made the decision to become a single parent with the help of a sperm donor, Hart was given information on three possible candidates. Each “bit of paper” had some vital pieces of information on it, including vital statistics, physical qualities, medical history, and even their hobbies. From there, Hart had to make the important decision: which of these unnamed men would become the father to her baby.

“It took me a long time to make the decision and I considered everything: my age, social status and that I carried a fatal genetic disorder… I had the understanding that I wasn’t a great prospect,” said Hart according to the Daily Mail.

Hart went on to say that one of the three profiles stood out to her and was a man who described himself as “happy and easy going” with a strong work ethic.

“He also had a really clean genetic background and there wasn’t anything lurking in his family in terms of disability… I also looked at mental health because my own resilience had been what got me through the trauma I experienced and I wanted a child as equally resilient,” Aminah said.

After the birth of her daughter, Leila, Hart, and her mother Helen began to wonder who the man behind the profile was, and after a little bit of help from the internet, Hart was able to identify the man who helped her conceive her daughter. With the help of the donor-recipient voluntary register, they were able to make contact with Scott Andersen.

Both Hart and Andersen seemed to share many beliefs, including the fact that Leila should have an involved dad, and before long, Andersen and Hart began a relationship of their own, according to Yahoo 7 News. The couple has been together now for nearly 12 months and while they don’t live together on a permanent basis, the report went on to say that they do co-habit and co-parent most days of the week.

“I am down at the farm a few days a week and he comes up to Melbourne when he’s not pulling calves out of their mother,” she joked.

So is this sperm donor romance then happy ending that Aminah Hart always imagined? According to the Daily Mail, she would rather describe it as a new beginning.

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[Image via Wake Up News Twitter Feed]