Sports Reporter Too Attractive: Katarina Sreckovic Nearly Fired, Blamed For Players’ Bad Interviews

Reporter To Attractive For Job

A sports reporter considered too attractive nearly lost her job when she was blamed for distracting soccer players on the field. Interviews with players weren’t going well and network organizers weren’t too happy about that.

25-year-old Katarina Sreckovic got her dream job when she was asked to be a presenter for Serbia’s Red Star team in a TV show dedicated to the Belgrade. New York Daily News reports that Katarina wanted players to “get used” to her being around. They finally did after her hard-fought battle to stay on with the organization.

Whenever Katarina asked intelligent questions to players on the sidelines, they didn’t listen. They were too distracted by her appearance, apparently, to come up with actual answers. The beautiful reporter admits it was a problem and she almost lost her job. While players were practicing, she would be asked to leave because their focus was interrupted by her presence. In fact, some of the teammates actually complained that it was her fault they weren’t having good practice sessions.

Katarina fought to keep her job by insisting that in time the team would get used to her, The Independent reports.

“I admit it was a problem at the start but I think they’ve got used to me now. It was tough though because for a while it seemed as if they might not be able to work with me at all.”

The attractive professional is relieved things have finally resolved itself.

Katarina Sreckovic (Instagram)

“I am really happy, because I am also a huge fan of Red Star and this is my dream job,” Katarina says.

Katarina loves soccer and has always been a fan. Aside from being a sports reporter, she’s also a graduate with degrees in Chinese and literature.

Red Star won the European Cup in 1991. The team struggles with financial problems but is still significant in the Serbian soccer league.

This article is similar to one written by the Inquisitr about a woman who was fired from her job for being too “irresistible,” but she got her job back.

Huffington Post reported last year that an all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled that it’s legal to fire a woman for being too attractive. Any boss who views a female worker as a threat to his marriage can legally fire her. This applies even if the woman isn’t reciprocating flirtatious behavior. The court stated that “such firings do not count as illegal sex discrimination because they are motivated by feelings, not gender.”

[Photo Credit: Instagram via The Independent]