Vampire Babies: How Can Twilight Vampires Reproduce?

Do you want to waste some time? Try to logically explain vampire babies. In the latest installment in the Twilight series, Bella will give birth to Edward’s vampire baby. Is this even possible? Can undead creatures like vampires get erections? Could Bella’s womb really handle the strain of having a vampire baby?

Do people really try to answer these types of questions?

Twilight Saga Answers explains that Twilight author Stephanie Meyer “drew upon tales of the supernatural seducer known as the incubus (reputed to feed off of its victim’s life force, but not necessarily to drink blood) in creating the circumstance of the vampire Edward fathering a child (half vampire, half human) with his human wife Bella.”

Ok, that’s great and all. But if Vampires are undead how can they create a living being? Is the vampire baby born undead, or living?

Zap2it notes that Meyer isn’t the first author to have her vampires give birth. In “Grave of the Vampire” and “Lost Souls,” a character gets impregnated by a vampire. Apparently, the correct term for a vampire baby is a dhampir. Dhampirs, from Balkan folklore, are supposedly adept at finding and killing vampires. So much for fatherly love.

So let’s pretend that vampire babies can exist. Could Bella survive the traumatic experience of giving birth to a Dhampir? Robert Pattinson described the birth scene from Breaking Dawn, and it isn’t pretty. Pattinson said:

“I think it would be impossible to show the full extent of what the set looked like without it being R-rated. I remember going onto the set the first day and they had this prosthetic dummy as Kristen and it was so emaciated with this huge mutated baby bump. And her ribcage was sticking out! She was just lying there dead like a zombie, just covered in blood!”

As for vampire erections, I’m going to say plausible in the world of fiction. Vampires have been sexual beasts for a long time. Movies like “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” were full of vampire sex. Maybe vampires suck just enough blood to keep their love pump going.

So are vampire babies possible? Sure, why not. If millions of people around the world are eagerly awaiting a vampire baby’s birth, it has to be true, right? Here’s the trailer for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 1.