Pamela Anderson Photos: Annoyed Pam Appears To Dodge Keanu Reeves At U.S. Grand Prix

Pamela Anderson appeared in photos from the U.S. Grand Prix to be dissing fellow actor Keanu Reeves, shooting an annoyed look as she dodged him before the race.

The slight was caught on camera at the race in Austin, Texas. A bothered Anderson was photographed putting her head down into her right hand and raising her arm to ward off Reeves, who held a microphone behind her.

Keanu Reeves was covering the event for SportTV, but it appeared that Pamela wanted no part of appearing on camera with him.

It’s not clear if there is actually bad blood between the actors, or if the photos just caught Pamela Anderson off guard. It appears from the angle of the photo that she may not have seen Reeves, who is standing behind her, and the seemingly annoyed look could just be Pamela adjusting her sunglasses.

Though Pamela Anderson looked upset in the photos, the actress and former Playboy model otherwise appeared in good spirits. She was seen laughing with members of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team before qualifying races.

Pamela was attending the race with her newly reconciled husband, Rick Salomon. Pam and Rick had originally planned to divorce, but have since gotten back together and petitioned a judge to ignore her divorce filing.

Pamela Anderson has been open about her troubled relationship, telling People magazine, “It’s a real marriage. It has its ups and downs.”

Anderson added that their marriage is built on a strong friendship, which is what made her want to fight so much to keep from divorcing.

“We’re good friends! I think that’s kind of what makes it special,” she told Us Weekly.

Though Pamela said things are all good now between the couple, she could not assure what the future holds for them.

But as the photos from this weekend proved, Pamela Anderson may not share such a close bond with Keanu Reeves.

[Image via Daily Mail]