‘RHONJ’ Reunion Sneak Peek Features Teresa Giudice Being Confronted With Joe Gorga’s ‘Scumbag’ Comment

The RHONJ Season 6 reunion is in full effect, and on the upcoming second installment, things become heated between Jim Marchese and Joe Gorga. In a sneak peek at the new episode, which airs tonight on Bravo, Marchese confronts Gorga, reminding him of his “scumbag” comment to his sister Teresa Giudice.

During the preview, obtained exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter on November 6, Marchese takes aim at Dina Manzo, calling her “zen” outlook on life “bulls**t.” Right away, Gorga steps in, defending Manzo, who returned for Season6 after a three-season hiatus, by calling Marchese’s comment “terrible,” and saying he would “never.”

“You called your sister a scumbag — who are you kidding?” Marchese fired back.

After Andy Cohen, creator of the RHONJ, noted that many believe Marchese talks to women disrespectfully, he defended himself, saying, “I think most people on the show are sexist. I actually treat women like equals, unlike the sexist people of the world, who thinks the woman is not your equal. If a woman engages you, she’s your equal. I think everybody is equal. People need to get what you give.”

When Manzo spoke up, saying she wouldn’t call him a “va***a” anymore, because it is an insult to women, Marchese told her, “Your zen bulls**t doesn’t work in my world.”

“Why do you have to talk like that to this lady?” Rino Aprea asked, in response to Marchese’s comment to Manzo.

At that point, Cohen stepped in, wanting to know what Gorga thought of the issue, and things quickly escalated between Marchese and Gorga, with their wives also getting involved.

“Didn’t you call your sister garbage?” asked Amber Marchese.

While feuding during RHONJ Season 5, Gorga called his sister a “scumbag.” Around the same time, Gorga engaged in a physical altercation with Giudice’s husband, Joe, who the Inquisitr recently reported has been boozing hard ahead of Giudice’s 15-month prison term.

“Shut up about my sister,” Gorga demanded, as Giudice sat on the couch across from them with her head facing down. “Don’t f**k with me. Listen to me, don’t ever repeat about my sister. Do you understand me?”

“Can I talk for a second?” Gorga’s wife, Melissa, then asked. “It’s a sensitive subject because his sister. It’s different.”

“I grew up with that girl,” Gorga continued of Giudice. “She threw my toys out the window. I didn’t give a s**t. Don’t talk about my sister. Enough!”

Although Bravo has yet to confirm a seventh season of the show, the Inquisitr reported Giudice would soon return to the show.

“It was a no brainer for Teresa to decide to do the show, because she obviously needs the money to pay off mounting debts,” a source told Radar Online on November 3. “The producers were thrilled, because it will result in a ratings bonanza.”

The RHONJ Season 6 reunion airs on Bravo at 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday, November 6.

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