Queens Bus Driver Pulled His Bus Over To Stab Love Rival Who Allegedly Slept With His Wife

After a busy day on the Q52 bus line, on his way back to the depot in Queens on last Thursday, Ephraim Henry decided to make a quick stop -- and that stop was in order to stab his love rival who he accused of sleeping with his wife.

As he drew closer to the depot, driving along Beach 67th St. in Arverne, in the early afternoon, Henry spotted Oscar Williams, who he had wanted to catch up with for a while, as he drove in his Honda.

As Henry screeched to a halt, he got out of his bus, as Williams exited his car, and the men began fighting.

At one point during the scuffle, Henry reportedly pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed Williams in the forearm. A blood spatter was later found on the front of the bus, a transit source told reporters.

Having been stabbed in the arm, Williams fled from the scene and flagged down two police officers who happened to be in the area at the time. The officers promptly arrested Henry and took him downtown.

Williams, who was reportedly bleeding quite badly from the stab wound, was rushed by ambulance to Jamaica Hospital and listed to be in stable condition.

Henry was booked on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said. He was awaiting arraignment.

The incident on Thursday is one of two violent attacks involving an MTA bus in the area in less than 24 hours. On Monday, a gunman fired at a 21-year-old man running away from him on Beach Channel Drive.

One round hit the 21-year-old's ankle, but four others struck a packed Q22 bus, and one of the bullets pierced a window.

Fortunately, in that incident, no passengers on the bus at the time were injured.

It remains to be seen what action will be taken to punish Henry, both by his employers and law enforcement.