Republican Takover Is Obama’s Fault, Chief Of Staff For Harry Reid Claims

Harry Reid’s chief of staff is blaming President Barack Obama for Republicans takeover of the Senate and solidifying their majority in the House of Representitives. David Krone, the Nevada Senator’s chief staffer, told the Washington Post that the President and the White House were not “up to speed”‘ prior to the 2014 Midterms.

Senator Harry Reid will lose his powerful position as the Senator Majority Leader after the Republicans, who won at least seven seats in the Senate, take the oath of office. “I don’t think that the political team at the White House truly was up to speed and up to par doing what needed to get done,” David Krone said during the Midterms election night interview.

Krone also detailed an Oval Office meeting Obama where Senate leaders allegedly “pleaded” with the President to transfer “millions” of party funds to help Democrats win the Midterms and to fund-raise for an outside group. “We were beating our heads against the wall. We never got on the same page,” Harry Reid’s chief of staff added.

The Post Midterms 2014 report also goes on to claim that tensions between President Obama’s White House and Senate leaders revolved around far more than fundraising dollars. Democrats allegedly felt they were footing the bill for the President’s Obamacare rollout, Ebola response and the way the White House has responded to ISIS.

Harry Reid’s chief felt that President Obama was not going to “play well” in North Carolina, Iowa, or New Hampshire. “The president’s approval rating is barely 40 percent. What else more is there to say? I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean the message was bad, but sometimes the messenger isn’t good,” Krone said.

According to the outgoing Senate Majority Leader’s staffer, President Obama “hid” behind legal issues when he was asked to offer aid to the Senate Majority PAC. A White House official appears to disagree with Reid’s chief. In the same Post report, the individual accused Krone of “complicating things.” The same Obama administration officials claims that Harry Reid’s chief of staff was behind a summer news leak which included “unflattering details” regarding a meeting with the President.

Krone fired back at the accusations, saying, “No member of the Democratic caucus screwed up the rollout of that healthcare website. Yet they paid the price, every one of them,” Harry Reid’s staffer also feels that the White House likes to “point fingers” and “cast aspersions.”

Although the Obamacare rollout did not go smoothly by any estimation, the high-cost of monthly premiums for some families making less than $100,000 per year, $12,500 deductibles in some cases, and losing your doctor complaints were likely factors in the backlash, as well.

What do you think about the chief of staff for Harry Reid blaming President Obama for the 2014 Midterms results? Are you pleased that Republicans took back the Senate and hold a majority in Congress?

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