18-Year-Old Wins Mayorship In Small Iowa Town

18-year-old Jeremy Minnier has become the new mayor of his small town after write-in ballots from fellow residents helped the youngster claim the cities top officiating post.

Minnier wasn’t even on the ballot for the Aredale, Iowa election but received 24 write-ins for his governing post. In a town with 74 residents Minnier’s write-ins are equaled to a near landslide.

According to the Des Moines Register the youngster beat out the towns 76-year-old incumbent who wished his successor the best of luck at his new position.

Speaking about his win Jeremy noted:

“I’ve been a leader my whole life.”

Jeremy continued:

“A lot of people were surprised because I’m not the most outspoken person at school.”

While he may not be the most active member of his school he is in the band and a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Minnier will serve a four year term while studying landscaping at a local college which will keep him close to his new post.

In the meantime the Minnier family has started their own “small town political dynasty” as Minniers father previously served as his towns mayor while his brother-in-law was also just elected as the mayor of a neighboring community.

Do you think an 18-year old high school kis can be a good mayor? While I wouldn’t put him in charge of a large city just yet I’m confident he can do just as good a job as other small towns who have hired dogs to be their mayoral leaders.