New Video Of Man Who ‘Surfed’ Dead Whale In Shark-Infested Waters Emerges

New, raw video of the man who climbed atop the carcass of a dead whale amid shark infested waters has emerged, along with footage of the massive great white that was lurking nearby.

Harrison Williams, 26, garnered international attention last week, when he was filmed “surfing” on the carcass of a dead whale off the coast of Rottnest Island in Western Australia. As the Inquisitr noted, the whale was surrounded by several tiger sharks, and at least one great white, drawn to the area by the easy prey.

New video of Williams’ whale-surfing stunt has now come to light, filmed from another boat circling the area, according to Shark Attack News. Astonishingly, the men recording the footage are actually discussing the large sharks feeding on the whale when they observe Williams jump into the water, swim to the carcass and climb on top. Posted to YouTube by Brad Witt, the video reveals the other boaters’ disbelief as Williams risks the shark infested waters.

Speaking with CNN affiliate Seven Network, Williams admitted that he’d observed the sharks, including the great white, before he entered the water. As they were feeding on the whale’s carcass, however, he thought they’d pose little problem.

The whale has since washed ashore at Scarborough, a suburb of the city of Perth, drawing the sharks with it. Officials have been forced to close beaches in the area due to shark sightings.

The white shark measued over 4 meters in length, according to some estimates.
A massive white shark was spotted near the dead whale, dwarfing the fishing boat it investigated.

Another video has also emerged, revealing the massive great white shark that was observed off Rottnest Island, near the whale’s carcass. Measuring over 4 meters in length by some estimates, the white shark dwarfed the recreational boat that had apparently sparked its curiosity. The great white was also spotted and filmed by a Channel 9 news helicopter, circling the boat several times.

(Warning: Adult language).

Since the whale was dead and Williams didn’t remove any part of it while surfing on the carcass, he won’t face any charges, according to authorities. While the Department of Fisheries called his behavior risky and irresponsible, Williams’ parents also expressed their displeasure. He says he now agrees with their assessment, and he is grateful to have survived his whale-surfing stunt in shark infested waters.

[Image: Brad Witt via Shark Attack News]