November 3, 2014
Voter Fraud: Impostor Apparently Can Vote 20 Times In North Carolina [Video]

Potential voter fraud in North Carolina is exposed again in the latest undercover video from controversial muckraker James O'Keefe and the Project Veritas Action crew, an offshoot of Project Veritas.

In the O'Keefe video, the state's lax voting procedures in early voting are apparently put on display.

Vote fraud could unfortunately be a decisive factor in the U.S. Senate election for North Carolina that culminates tomorrow because incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan is locked in a dead heat with Republican challenger Thom Tillis, according to the polls.

North Carolina has enacted a photo ID requirement for voting, but the law does not take effect until 2016. In the meantime, the state is providing picture identification for free to anyone who wants one, and is dispatching mobile vans to distribute them, thereby even eliminating the need for legal voters to go to the DMV to get an ID. Claiming discrimination and voter suppression, the Obama administration has fought tooth and nail in court against states like North Carolina that have sought to implement photo ID laws.

Ballot fraud is perhaps the most fundamental form of voter suppression in that it silences the electoral voices of legal voters.

According to London's Daily Mail, Nelson Mandela, the late president of South Africa, supported photo ID as a requirement to vote in his country's elections.

In this particular Project Veritas episode, after accessing a list of inactive voters (numbering about 700,000 in North Carolina) and selecting some in his age cohort (30) from the rolls, O'Keefe nearly voted 20 times in different early voting venues simply by asking if one of the voters he selected for his experiment was on the voting roles.

"O'Keefe was careful to claim he never actually said he was the alleged voter, only asking if a name was on the voting list when he arrived and then verified the address. After that, he said, all but one location said all he had to do was sign verifying his information and then he would be able to vote," The Blaze explained.

O'Keefe's narration on the video insists that "Some 20 times, nearly a busload, we were a signature or two away from voting. Of course, we never signed anything, but we could have. But if we had, we could have voted, and no one would have been the wiser … in the states where no ID is required to vote, the opportunity for fraud on a massive scale is way too easy..."

In only one instance caught on camera does a precinct official ask for an ID.

As with all of O'Keefe's filmed stings, watch the video embedded below and draw your own conclusions.

In a prior hidden camera video from O'Keefe's group, a woman posing as an illegal immigrant was apparently encouraged to vote by North Carolina Democrat campaign operatives despite her purported non-citizen status. Prior to this incident, a North Carolina Board of Elections audit flagged 1,425 registered voters in the state who are likely non-citizens.

Late last month, a separate Project Veritas video prompted Greenpeace to fire a staffer who appeared to be encouraging voter fraud in Colorado's U.S. Senate election, which is being conducted 100 percent by mail-in ballots. A worker for a separate organization captured on the video seemed to describe the prospects of vote fraud as "cool" and "awesome."

Reacting to the release of this newest footage, Legal Insurrection observed that "This video may not be the decisive conversation-ender in the debate over voter ID--after all, no ID is required in North Carolina, which puts election judges in a terrible place even when they do suspect fraud--but it does throw a wrench into the works of a liberal machine that consistently insists that voter fraud couldn't possibly cause enough problems justifying what they believe to be restrictive voter ID laws."

Added National Review about the need to improve the integrity of the American voting system, "Our clearly slipshod voter-registration systems, the millions of inactive or suspect names on our voter rolls, and videos like the one James O'Keefe has made should convince us of the necessity to take action."

Do you think voter fraud will be a major issue in the hotly contested 2014 midterm election that culminates on the traditional Election Day tomorrow?

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