Boko Haram Tells World That Kidnapped Girls Have Been Converted To Islam, Married Off: Announcement Dismisses Rumor Of A Truce

Boko Haram, Nigeria’s Islamic extremist group leader, released a new video on Friday. The video announced that the 200 kidnapped school girls have been married off and converted to Islam. This claim dismissed any hope the region had of a truce, reports FOX News.

“If you knew the state your daughters are in today, it might lead some of you… to die from grief,” Abubakar Shekau brutally said as he addressed the young girls parents six months ago.

During the heart-wrenching video, Boko Haram denies there is a cease fire in place with the Nigerian government.

“A lie, they have now memorized two chapters of the Quran. In this war, there is no going back,” Shekau stated in the video received by the Associated Press.

Shekau wears a camouflage tunic and stands near the black and white flag of Al Qaeda in the video. Around him are masked armed fighters near four military trucks. The trucks are mounted with anti-aircraft guns. Boko Haram has stolen many vehicles and weapons from Nigeria’s military.

The United States has placed a $7 million ransom on Shekau. Several times, the military has claimed that they have killed Shekau. Many in Nigeria believe the video was made by a look alike.

Back on October 17, leaders of the Nigerian government announced that Boko Haram had agreed to a immediate cease fire. The cease fire would have ended a five-year insurgency that has resulted in the death of thousands, while hundreds of thousands have been driven out of their homes in Northeast Nigeria. In the announcement, officials stated that the Chibok girls would soon be released.

In the video, Shekau denied the truce, and said he was dedicated fighting and dying a martyr so that his place in paradise was guaranteed.

“You people should understand that we only obey Allah, we tread the path of the Prophet. We hope to die on this path… Our goal is the garden of eternal bliss,” Shekau said in the video.

Shekau went on to say that Boko Haram was only interested in “battle, hitting, striking and killing with the gun, which we look forward to like a tasty meal.”

Boko Haram seized the commercial center of Mubi as fighting raged in nearby Vim tin. Five military commanders were handcuffed and detained at the military police guard room at the 23 Brigade headquarters in Yola Adamawa for abandoning Subi to Boko Haram militants on Wednesday, Sahara Reporters explained.

The commander names and ranks were released as Colonel Ibrahim, Alt. Colonel Magaji. The commanders and their troops abandoned the 213 Brigade headquarters just minutes after Boko Haram militants reached the outskirts of Mubi.

“The issue of the girls is long forgotten because I have long ago married them off,” Shekau said with a laugh.

The girls were ordered to stay out of western schools and get married. An estimated 276 girls were kidnaped on April 15 from a boarding school. Dozens escaped over the next couple of days, but 219 still remain missing.

The girls plight has caused worldwide outrage.