ISIS Kills 200 Rival Iraqi Tribesmen, Women And Children In Just 72 Hours

As the Islamic Sate conquest of Iraq continues, the latest reports confirm that at least 200 members of a pro-government Sunni tribe have been executed by ISIS in just three days.

According to security officials in Iraq, starting last Thursday, tribesmen from the al-Bu Nimr tribe in Anber were executed in separate incidents by ISIS gunmen, adding that some local Sunni tribes helped ISIS carry out the massacres.

CNN reported that Wissam al-Hardan, the chief of the pro-government Sahwat militia in Anbar, said the majority of the tribesmen executed by the Islamic State were members of his militia group fighting extremists.

“There are around 800 members of the al-Bu Nimr tribe in the Sahwat ranks,” he told reporters.

The province of Anber is a predominately a Sunni-populated area, which stretches from the Syrian border to the outskirts of the capital Baghdad. ISIS has allegedly carried out numerous attacks and massacres in local residents since taking over huge swathes of territory in the Middle East since June.

One of the leaders in al-Bu Nimr tribe, Naeem al-Kaud, said on Sunday that ISIS had executed 67 members of the tribe on Saturday, including women and children.

Al-Kaud told Iraqi site Alsumaria News that the executed people were among 200 tribal captives held by the militants in the town of Ras al-Maa, north of Anbar.

As well as the reported massacres in Iraq, ISIS has apparently also carried out similar atrocities in Syria, where they have also taken over control of large areas.

While the U.S.-led coalition helps out Kurdish and even Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS, as part of the bigger “war on terror,” the airstrikes have not proved so far to be that effective in stopping the advance of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

No doubt there will unfortunately be many more pointless and barbaric massacres of innocent people in the Middle East, until a proper strategy is devised to deal with the terror group once and for all.