‘Destiny’ Update To Improve The Story, But ‘Destiny’ Patch Making Vault Of Glass Raid Hard Has Gamers Mad

The big Destiny update coming down the pipeline called The Dark Below expansion DLC has Bungie promising that the story will be improved this time around, with more details being revealed. But another Destiny patch has gamers a wee bit upset already since it’s messing with the Vault Of Glass difficulty level, making it harder than it was before.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, PlayStation 4 owners will be happy to hear that the Destiny PS4 edition of The Dark Below will be receiving an extra strike just for owning the system instead of the Xbox One.

When the Destiny patch came out recently, Guardians were probably surprised to discover that the Vault Of Glass raid had been tweaked so that raid groups could no longer plan in advance what roles players would take. According to Destiny community manager David “Deej” Dague, this design decision was intended to prevent lower level players from hitching a ride on the coattails of those level 30 Guardians.

“I talked a lot to the developers about your opinions on the matter,” writes Dague. “You don’t want to be selected at random. You want to choose who gets to fetch the Relic under fire from those nasty Oracles. I spoke on your behalf. Your voice was heard. We discussed your concerns.”


But Dague was told by designers that the Atheon boss is supposed to be hard.

“This is an activity that was designed to be undertaken by a hardcore team that is ready and willing to adapt and improvise to changing battle conditions. Like the moment when the Templar shields random players, the Final Boss was supposed to be extremely dangerous. While we’ve been working on some of the other things for which you’ve been asking (i.e. better exotics, voice chat in matchmaking, more bounties), the designers who made the Raid have plugged the holes that you showed them.”


No word on whether these exploits will end up in Destiny lore like the infamous loot caves. Speaking of lore, according to Eurogamer Bungie President Harold Ryan is also promising they’re going to make the story a focus for the Destiny DLC coming soon.

“What you’ll see in this expansion, it’s going to be a very different approach to telling a new story to players than the thematically-driven story from the original launch of the game. It’s going to feel much more loot driven and story driven in that it’s going to feel faster-paced with more action as you go through it, and with exposition. The important thing about Eris is, this story is going to be her story, and she’s going to send you on a mission that’s a lot of fun.”

What features do you want in the next major Destiny update?