Mitt Romney 2016: Illegal Immigration Criticism Could Be Groundwork For Another Presidential Run

Mitt Romney has been increasing his attacks on President Obama and taking a larger role in the GOP’s fight to re-take the Senate, leading many to believe that the former Republican presidential nominee could be laying the groundwork for yet another run.

This week Romney spoke out about the upcoming elections, saying they will be America’s “last chance” to judge Obama’s administration and put a stop to what he said were plans to offer amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“I think we all know where the president in heading after the elections,” Romney warned voters during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Mitt Romney would not predict that Republicans will take the Senate — though many others have already done just that —but did say they will likely win enough to challenge Obama’s illegal immigration plans.

But he expressed certainty the GOP would win enough House and Senate races to change the dynamics in Congress and pass comprehensive immigration legislation.

“That’s going to happen,” Romney said. “You’re going to see a bill.”

In his statements, Mitt Romney offered a wider criticism of President Obama, saying he has fallen short in many areas including Obamacare, failure to approve the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline, and not improving the economy significantly.

While many see the criticisms of Obama as a possible prelude to a 2016 presidential run, Mitt Romney has been steadfast that he is not running again. But if GOP voters had their way, Romney might once again be at the top of the ticket. Romney has performed surprisingly well in early polls in New Hampshire, and a CNN/ORC poll also showed that if the 2012 election were re-run, Americans would have voted 53 percent to 44 percent in favor of Romney.

Earlier this fall, Mitt Romney did open the door to a possible run, saying in an interview that “circumstances can change.”